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Umbrella Academy’s Robert Sheehan talks about Klaus’ hilarious and brutal power journey and what he really wants from Season 4

During almost everything the Umbrella AcademyIn Netflix’s apocalyptic third season on Netflix, viewers saw a paradox-generated kugelblitz essentially devoured the entire universe with the exception of the Obsidian Hotel, its superpowered inhabitants, and its alternate dimensional corridor to the Oblivion Hotel. All that destruction seemed to have been redirected to the end of the end, albeit at the expense of the Hargreeves brothers (with the sparrow Ben reversing continuity Yes amazing lilac nude wrestler included) by losing all their superpowers. It was a shame for everyone, but perhaps especially for Robert Sheehan’s Klaus, who had just figured out how to deliberately harness his death-reversing powers.

As viewers will likely remember, Episode 7 featured a silly sequence in which Klaus honed his resurrection skills by being shot dead by racing vehicles over and over again. When Robert Sheehan and Tom Hopper talked about it with Gossipify and other media the Umbrella Academy Season 3, I asked the Irish actor what he thought of the particularly painful and Looney TunesThe way Reginald Hargreeves basically forced Klaus to evolve his set of powers. In his words:

Well, you know, physical pain … maybe [showrunner] Steve Blackman is a bit medieval in his way of thinking, as it is as if Klaus had to go through this agonizing physical test to discover something inside himself. And because he’s a sadist who I think loves American culture, he decided to do this test on a freeway with old buses, trucks and cars from the 70s crushing me from side to side. But you know, it was really fun. Yes, it was really fun. Also nice to have “Cat’s in the Cradle”.

At this point in his answer, Tom Hopper spoke up and agreed it was great for the stage, and the two actors started singing the chorus of the Harry Chapin classic, and it was as good as it sounds. But I’m digressing.

Klaus with an outstretched palm in The Umbrella Academy season 3 finale

Fortunately, Klaus was able to use his newly acquired power to come back to life after Reginald left him for dead outside the hotel’s communications corridor. But this modicum of success was short-lived (pun slightly intentional), as the Hargreeves clan apparently lost their powers after Allison hit the big red button on Reginald’s ship.

In the final group scene of the Season 3 finale, before the credits, Luther went off to somehow try to find Sloane, even though he didn’t know where she might be. At that moment, Klaus felt responsible to follow him, because Luther had just risen for the first time. When I asked Robert Sheehan what he thought of that ending and what he hoped would happen to Klaus in a possible fourth season, here’s how he replied:

Oh, I guess I’ve always secretly waited for the moment when the Umbrella team would be stripped of their powers, you know, their super flaws. So I was very happy. It’s the ideal kind of fish out of water plot, isn’t it? When you install these adults who, from the age of majority, were created to be superheroes and do all these things and be very capable and do these things. So the most interesting theatrical idea is to subvert that notion, and so strip them of it all, and see what they are without it. I really hope that without him Klaus is a real disaster. This is what I would like to see. Completely unable to be a normal person. This is really all I want. It will keep me amused for another season of this show. Besides, who knows? Who knows how the bells and whistles will sound?

Result that Robert Sheehan felt the curiosity hard mucho tiempo acerca de come serían estos niños de Hargreeves sin los poderes que dictaban sus caminos de vida, por lo que está completely de acuerdo with the idea de que Klaus y el rest sean “normal” personas for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if Klaus finds himself the unwitting leader of the faithful again (cough-cult-cough), although I doubt that the authors repeat themselves in this sense.

Granted, umbrella academy fans probably don’t expect the band to be helpless throughout Season 4, especially since showrunner Steve Blackman said it the show may end with season 4 , in case of renewal. (And it probably will, given tops Netflix’s list of 10 best TV shows for the entire period between Strange things‘first release of season 4 e when the last two episodes came out .) Either way, at least fans can definitely expect the fourth comic arc of creators Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, who worked with Blackman to help keep things connected, but still separate from the source material.

the Umbrella Academy (opens in a new tab) All three seasons of can be streamed in their entirety with a single netflix subscription .

Source: Cinemablend

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