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Organized by Pabllo Vittar, the LGBTQ+ Pride Parade wants to save the “green and yellow”

Organized by Pabllo Vittar, the LGBTQ+ Pride Parade wants to save the “green and yellow”

The special request came after Madonna’s show earlier this month, when the drag queen took to the stage wearing the national team jersey and Brazilian flag.

Pabllo Vittar, one of the main attractions of the LGBT+ Pride Parade, called his fans to Avenida Paulista. The singer asked the public to participate in the celebration this Sunday (2/6) using the colors of the Brazilian flag.

“Daughters, I want to invite you all to dress in green and yellow, so we can make our flag shine again,” Pabllo asked in a video published on Instagram this Friday (5/30). “I will put on an incredible show for you. I’m waiting for you,” added he, who will share performances with Banda Uó, Thiago Abravanel, Glória Groove and many others.

Redefine the flag

Pabllo Vittar’s special request reflects the impact of Madonna’s show earlier this month, when the drag queen took to the stage wearing the national team jersey amidst Brazilian flags, alongside the Queen of Pop. The scene has inspired organizers of the 28th Pride Parade, who plan to give new meaning to the colors green and yellow, which in recent years have been associated with the right and conservatives.

The theme “No more negligence and setbacks in the legislature” invites the public to reflect on the importance of “conscious voting” and to seek representatives who are attentive to diversity. “Even today there are thousands of us, we are everywhere. Before the labels, we are and are part of society. Over the years, the themes have also caused a sensation”, declared Nelson Matias, president of ParadaSP.

“We are political beings. This is why, in this edition, we have chosen a theme that goes beyond the party. A theme that invites everyone to reflect on an informed and critical vote. Only then will we be able to change this chaotic scenario. I want to encourage Everyone to bring the colors of the national flag. We will not allow the symbol of inclusion to be hijacked.”

Event program

This year the gathering starts at 10am near the Brigadeiro station, but the event begins to liven up at 9.30am with the Estrela do Terceiro Milênio samba school, of the Special Carnival Group of São Paulo. The first electric trio will pay tribute to the victims of the Rio Grande do Sul floods.

Opening: Dj Tiago Cardoso, Tchaka Drag Queen, National Anthem – Edson Cordeiro, Anna Trea, Diameyka Odara, Julian Santin, Franco Rossignolli and Quixote, Dj Ivan Roncs, Dj Adriana Reck and Gláucia Mais Mais.

LGBT+ families: Ana Dutra, DJ Leandro Pardi, DJ Bruno Carvalho.

Town Hall Trio I: Pri Drag, Sandro Luis, Dj Alcimar, Megam Scott, Ashilley Prado, Morgante, Explosão Latina, Márcia Pantera, Dj Alcimar, Dj Marcell Sant’Anna, Jaqueline Terremoto, Drika Furacão – Gogo Trans.

Trio Prefeitura II: Valentini, Esquenta Dj Cami, Ana Ty, For Jam, Nathália Côrte, Daniel Viriato, Dj Sasha Zimmer, Athena Joy, Leandra Gittana, Lysa Bombom, Dj Gaab Sonzah, Daniel Peixoto, Marco Santos, Cicinho Silva.

HIV/AIDS NGO: Dindry Buck, DJ Heitor William, Laura Finochiaro, Felipe D’Orazio, DJ Lorran Ciriacco, DJ Caio Neiva, Luh Marinatti.

Trio of allied people: Sissi Girl, DJ Tiago Pereira, DJ Amabilis, DJ Clayton Santes/Laysaa Di Ioran, Warner Music Brasil.

Drag from Brazil: Xênia Star, DJ Penelope Jean, OXA, DJ Mana Bombástica.

Transvestite/trans threesome: Dante, DJ Lorenzo Zimon, Boom Beat, Julian Santin, DJ Garu.

Live threesome: Pablo Vittar

Trio B+: Drag Tiffany, DJ Luana Coelho, Dodge, Brunelli, DJ PC Guimarães, DJ Pambelli.

Sponsors: Burger King, Philip Morris, 3M, British Council: Dj Cris Negrini, Banda Uó, DJ Set ABBA Cashier, Felicia Bates Mattel, Afropaty, LouLou Callas, Satine.

Lesbian threesome: Isa Arouca, Luana Hansen, Dani Nega, DJ Bonnie B, DJ Paula Pivatto, DJ Joy.

TERRA/L’Oréal trio: Sandra Sá, Ludmillah Anjos, Tiago Abravanel, Filipe Catto, Yuri Oliver, O Mouse, Minhoqueens.

Gay threesome: Kenya, DJ Daniel Martins, DJ Kenny Freitas, DJ Mau Mau, DJ RR, DJ Gustavo Viana.

Amstel Trio: Glória Groove, DJ Renata Corr, Thalia Bombinha, Heavy Baile.

APOLGBT-SP advice: Antara Gold, DJ Zuba, Edson Cordeiro, DJ Alexandre Frota, DJ Tico Malagueta.

Source: Terra

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