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Scott Stapp’s take on the media’s hatred of Creed

Scott Stapp’s take on the media’s hatred of Creed

Scott Stapp’s take on the media’s hatred of Creed

The band was among the most repudiated during the post-grunge boom in the late 1990s.

The explosion of so-called post-grunge at the end of the 1990s caused some bands in the segment to receive criticism for their work. Creed It is Nickelbacktwo of the most successful, became targets. The commercial suitability of an initially alternative sound was the main negative comment made by a portion of rock fans and specialized critics.

Despite this, the segment resisted and the two names mentioned remained quite popular. Nickelback maintained its activities uninterruptedly and had several hits throughout its career. Creed It ceased its activities in the mid-2000s and had two reunions, all of them with packed shows and a lot of repercussion among the public.

The vocalist of this second group mentioned, Scott Stappreflected on how the perception of a “hated band” is ultimately not true. In an interview with Consequencehe commented on how the meeting of the Creed has relied on an approach of positivity, not of “revenge” against those haters.

Initially, Stapp demonstrated an understanding of the initial negative reaction to the group’s success. He said:

I think part of the initial reaction to Creed It was just a consequence of it being so big and so fast. We had eight consecutive number one singles on the American charts. We were on every radio station. There was no escaping us. But it was completely created by a kind of critical and elite media, a kind of ‘cool guys club’, who liked bands that didn’t sell many records. So it was a narrative generated by this niche media and then propagated to make people think that this was the voice of the people.

The problem is that such a narrative, according to Scottwas not proven. After all, the success continued.

While this narrative was being spread, we were selling out arenas, getting diamond records, and reaching stadium status. Once it gets to that point, there will always be something like that, but it doesn’t represent the people. And Creed We’ve always been a popular band. That’s what meant so much to us: the awards and the recognition that we got, that people voted for us, and that the numbers said it, and that the concert tickets said it. As someone who’s watching from afar, that’s my perspective.

Hurt and frustration in Creed

Still, no one is made of iron. The members of Creed were upset by the negative reactions towards the band — especially since they were just a band.

At the time, it took us by surprise. We didn’t understand why we went from magazine covers that said ‘Creed is the savior of rock ‘n’ roll’ to suddenly become the most hated band in the media. Not by the public, by the media. Being so young, of course there was some frustration, anger, hurt. But where we are now, we understand that this is part of it. This also happens in professional sports. Mark [Tremonti, guitarrista] and I were doing an interview the other day, and he was talking about how this happened to [o jogador de basquete] LeBron James. He was the King Jamesnow he’s hated. He’s one of the most hated players in the league, and it’s all because of how dominant and successful he is.

At the end of the day, so many years later, public approval is what matters to the Creed. Stapp concludes: “All that matters to us is the fans. All that matters is to enjoy the positivity and try to deliver the best for the fans every night, focus on the good and just let everything else go.”

O Creed held their first reunion shows on April 27th and 29th, on the cruise Summer of ’99. Now, the band is preparing for a tour of North America, starting in July. The schedule includes dates until December.

Source: Rollingstone

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