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The definitive singer in the history of rock, according to Chris Cornell

The definitive singer in the history of rock, according to Chris Cornell

The definitive singer in the history of rock, according to Chris Cornell

Although he had several classic rock influences, the lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave was a big fan of alternative music.

One of the most important vocalists in the history of rock, Chris Cornell had a wide range of influences to build his style. Although he had accumulated several elements from the classic singers of the genre, such as Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), the late artist was very connected to the alternative.

So it’s not that surprising that a list of favorite singers Cornell have names that are not exactly from the most conventional subgenres. To the magazine Classic Rockin 2009, he was asked to name his favorites — and he singled out an icon of so-called proto-punk as the “definitive singer in the history of rock.”

Its about Iggy Popiconic frontman of Stooges who also established himself in a solo career. About him, the fan Chris initially stated:

The ultimate rock singer in all its forms. He has a great presence and a relentless attitude.

For the frontman of Soundgarden It is Audioslave, Pop is the main reference when it comes to “rock vocalist”. He commented:

If they created an anime version of a rock singer, it would look like this Iggy. This energy he emits also shines through in his physique. What’s more, he can sing. He can really sing.

Other names mentioned

See below the other four choices from the top 5 Chris Cornell. Mentions are not in order of preference.

John Bigley (U-Men): “In Seattle there was a band called U-Men. Their lead singer, John Bigleyhad an erratic and unique approach to being a frontman – it was as if he didn’t want to deal with the audience.”

Greg Sage (Wipers): “There was a band from Portland, Oregon called Wipers. They were punk/pop and their lead singer was a guy named Greg Sage. Their eyes were drawn to him; he was so enigmatic.”

Nick Cave: “He has this incredible baritone voice and a haunted, tortured personality. He’s also a writer – a real man of the Renaissance – and that’s the beauty of his long career. He can pull any trick out of his hat.”

Tom Waits: “An inspiration. He made his voice an instrument. He completely changed his style from the way he sang on those first albums.”

Source: Rollingstone

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