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Duda Beat gives details of new album and cites resistance from southeastern radio stations: ‘I can’t understand’

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Owner of one of the most successful tours of 2022, Duda prepares her third album, feat with Pabllo Vittar and other projects – but she still finds it difficult to get her music in certain spaces

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Since going on tour in December 2021, Duda Beatdid not stop. She took her show from north to south and overseas: she went through Europe, confirmed New York and Rock in Rio. And that’s how, from the road, the singer begins to see her third album on the horizon. Scheduled for 2023, the successor to I love you outside(2021), is done in some rare moments of silence, where the Recife native stops listening to the world to listen to herself:

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“When I’m about to make an album, this month, at this moment when I’m writing my third album, I don’t listen to much. Because I end up being influenced by melodies. My songs are born from the inside out, so I try not to listen to the things that are happening not to influence me too much”, reflects Duda in an interview with Rolling Stone Brasil.

“It’s a very crazy thing. I think that when I’m more relaxed, things come. That’s why creative leisure is very important.”

The artist who sells out shows wherever she goes, sells out festivals, participates in TV and even plans partnerships – with Pablo Vittar, announced by the duo for some time, is close to being released. With one of the busiest schedules in Brazilian pop, she admits she still encounters resistance on radio stations in the Southeast region.

Duda Beat (Reproduction)

“They said my music has ‘too many elements’. I don’t know what that means [risos]”, have fun.

It’s about the third album, about future projects, about the successful tour and about the resistance to his music in some spaces that doubt talked to Rolling Stone Brazil. Check out the full video below, and then highlights from our chat with the singer.

radio resistance

In the northeast I know I play. In the Southeast there is still this resistance. All the negatives I received on radio stations in the Southeast are because they said that my music has ‘too many elements’. I don’t know what that means [risos], because it’s a Brazilian song, right?! I make Brazilian popular music, Brazilian pop music. So I can’t understand if it’s a resistance from them to present the new…

I was born in the 80’s and I come from a time when the radio presented music to people. Nowadays I see a lot of replication of what’s going on there. But it would be so cool if they could suddenly for an hour show new things that are happening, you know? The ratings wouldn’t drop because of that, anyone would be able to discover new music. And I feel that radio has this power, to reach places where TV, the internet sometimes doesn’t.

importance of radio

I love listening to the radio! I heard that Caetano said these days that listening to the radio is wonderful because you never know what’s going to come. So that’s how you discover new music, you know? There’s this magic in radio, that you never know anyone’s face, but you listen, you pay attention. And it’s in all cars in Brazil, right?! So I listen to the radio, I think it’s too much.

When we were kids, there was no streaming. And when a song played that was going to be on the radio, the tape was ready, then we went there, pressed play/rec, and that was the way we had to listen to the song afterwards, right?! It’s a clear memory! And then you recorded with the advertisement in the middle, you would listen to it later and there was the advertisement there in the middle, but that was it and it was wonderful.

Duda Beat for Rolling Stone Brazil (Reproduction)

Influences of the new record

I listen to so many things… I’ve been hearing a lot now this super pop thing, hyper pop, something more electronic. It’s even given me ideas that I want to bring on the record, mixed with some stuff I heard when I was a kid. There’s a lot to come.

At the same time when I’m about to make an album, in this particular month, at this moment we’re living, I’m writing my third album, so I don’t listen to much either. Because I end up being influenced by melodies, by things, and I think that my songs, I’m sure, are born from the inside out, so I try not to listen to the things that are happening so as not to influence me too much. But I’ll tell you that at the beginning of the year I heard a lot of this super pop, hyper pop thing, this thing that has a trace of house, if R&B too… mixed with something from the northeast too… something like that, those things what I do.

Feat with Pabllo Vittar

The feat with Pabllo is coming, which is a feat that we had promised for a long time. We were adjusting, thinking about how this song would be, how we were going to do it. But this song came, it came to my heart, it came to her heart and to our producers, so it’s a very cool song, very upbeat, very danceable.

politics x music

Art and politics like that, close together, huh, people? Even more so in a government where culture was completely put aside. People also think that doing a show is just a singer there and no, people, it’s a lot of jobs, it’s a lot of job creation.

Music is a way of expressing oneself politically, it is a very beautiful communion and there is no way to separate it, in my opinion.

I’m a singer who has positioned myself, I’ve always said what I think, what I think, because I think I want to have this true dialogue with my fans. I’ve always had that desire, I’ve always been that person who defended it. I want people to know what they’re consuming, I think that’s fair.

I understand people who don’t want to take a stand, but I am a person who takes a stand. I went there, I sang in the jingle of the person I thought should be back running our country, and that’s it, I think I always have to be honest and transparent. And when people pull ‘Fora Bolsonaro’ on my show, I do nothing more than give them a voice, because that’s it. On my show we talk about that too.

Source: Rollingstone

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