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Carnival music – remember the hits that have marked the revelry in recent years

While we don’t yet have the poll to choose the song for carnival 2023, how about remembering the hits that animated past revelries?

There is no way. Every year, at Salvador’s carnival, one song stands out among the many releases of the period and wins the hearts of revelers. Called “carnival music”, the title is won by popular vote on various media portals and vehicles.

For this year, there’s already speculation about which song should take the summer’s most coveted award. But the truth is, there’s no such thing as pre-Carnival favoritism, because everything can change when the revelry officially begins.

And while we still don’t have the poll to choose the song for carnival 2023, how about remembering the hits that have marked the last few years? Since there are many polls, we have taken as a reference the Troféu Bahia Folia, by TV Bahia, a Globo affiliate, which has been choosing the music for Salvador’s Carnival since 1994.

  • the world goes – 2020

Going back three years ago, when covid-19 didn’t scare revelers, the song that conquered Salvador’s carnival was, in fact, a hymn to revelry. the world goesby Ivete Sangalo, celebrates the biggest street party on the planet and describes the days of revelry.

The funniest thing is that Ivete plays with the catchphrase “carnival music”, sung by Márcio Victor, lead singer of Psirico, during his performances in the summer of Bahia.

  • Further down is a shot – 2019

In 2019, the winner was the band Parangolé, with the song Further down is a shot. The success brought the revelers to the ground in the middle of the avenue.

Tony Sales and Parangolé have nearly won the award twice in a row. Next year, He doesn’t want war with anyone. he was the main competitor of Ivete Sangalo’s music.

  • They like it – 2018

In 2018 it was the turn of the refrain “Look at the pulp of the ass” to stick in the minds of revelers. The song, created in collaboration between Psirico and Àttooxxá, was consecrated as the best of the carnival of that year.

  • holy – 2017

Completing the pagodão triad, Léo Santana won the carnival song in 2017 with holy. The hit was so successful that it became the name of the singer’s pre-carnival rehearsals, the Santa Claus ball.

  • Machine gun – 2016

In 2016, a band of arrochas from the interior of Bahia captivated the public of tourists and Bahians who enjoyed the carnival in Salvador. Machine gun It was one of those lightning hits that rocked the boulevard.

Source: Terra

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