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Criticism of ‘Under therapy’, Gerardo Herrero raises the level of Spanish comedy

Gerardo Herrero plays with the mechanisms of fiction in ‘Bajo terapia’, adapting a play to his own way of understanding cinema.

    ‘Under therapy’ deviates from that profitable and easy paradise of the current Spanish comedies that some TV channels have fed. It was time! Without ceasing to make us laugh or smile, and without dispensing with our star system of humour, Gerardo Herrero raises the level of the genre, adapting a play to his own way of seeing cinema and the capacity for reflection that this can have. Three couples, a psychologist who proposes a game of envelopes… and play then. To play itch or scratch.

    Relative to the harsh and demanding comedy by Marc Crehuet or Cesc Gay, ‘Bajo terapia’ saves an ace for last, information that is not in any of the envelopes or in the viewer’s calculations, an extra ingredient that invites us to rethink everything we have just seen and heard, and also the function of these six characters in search of… love? Half a dozen well-written and described typologies, which share, sometimes unintentionally or forced by the group, their greatness and misery, before an athletic camera that does not miss a beat, and works the sequence shot and the reverse shot always in favor of the story and its progression.

    For students of the mechanisms of fiction

    The best: the cast, especially Malena Alterio and Alexandra Jiménez.

    The worst: that it is an exception among the current mediocre Spanish comedies.


    Address: Gerardo Herrero Distribution: Malena Alterio, Alexandra Jimenez, Fele Martinez, Antonio Pagudo Country: Spain Year: 2023 Release date: 17–3-2023 Gender: Comedy Script: Gerardo Herrero Duration: 93 min.

    Synopsis: Three couples attend an unusual group therapy session. The psychologist has left them some envelopes with slogans that the couples will have to address and analyze together. The proposed mechanics encourage everyone to think, discuss and finally end up showing themselves as they are.

    Source: Fotogramas

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