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Criticism of ‘My best friend’, the Kurdish odyssey of Ferit Karahan

Two children star in this Turkish drama that raises themes such as childhood loyalty and the vulnerability of innocence.

    As in a Kurdish variant of ‘Paracuellos’, Ferit Karahan has poured his childhood memories into this portrait of the traumatic experience of growing up as a Kurdish child in a Turkish boarding school governed by random punishment, and where the little ones, far from receiving education and care, they are only subjected to violence. Although the director does not resort to the classic and collective story, but instead converts a specific and specific incident, a child is left unconscious without knowing the causes, in the trigger of a ceremony of the absurd around the inability to take him to the hospital and the impossibility of someone taking responsibility for their state.

    Yildiz thus approaches the manners and tone of the new Romanian cinema, titles such as ‘The Death of Mr. Lazarescu’ by Criti Puiu, in addition to connecting with some works by Abbas Kiarostami in the way he films children and in how he vindicates their value system, much stronger than that of adults. ‘My best friend’ reveals the nonsense behind all authoritarian discipline and its consequences on the most vulnerable.

    To be outraged at violence against children in educational institutions

    The best: the work of young non-professional performers.

    The worst: the resolution to the mystery of what happened the car night.


    Address: Ferit Karahan Distribution: Samet Yildiz, Ekin Koç, Mahir Ipek, Melih Selcuk, Cansu Firinci, Nurullah Alaca, Münir Can Cindoruk, Dilan Parlak Country: Turkey Year: 2021 Release date: 1–07-2022 Gender: Drama Script: Gülistan Acet, Ferit Karahan Duration: 85 minutes

    Synopsis: Yusuf and Memo, his best friend, are students at a boarding school for Kurdish youth in the mountains of Anatolia. When Memo falls mysteriously ill, Yusuf must navigate bureaucratic obstacles imposed by the repressive school authorities in an attempt to help his friend.

    Source: Fotogramas

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