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Criticism of ‘Sinjar’, the social drama of Nora Navas

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Anna Bofarull directs this film in which the stories of three women intersect.

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    Intimate cinema very well allied with political cinema with the mission of telling us three female stories and combating slavery, war, fundamentalism, violence or machismo, ‘Sinjar’ is a chronicle of a moment and a (bad) state of things that we needed. A vibrant x-ray that we appreciate and applaud, despite how much it hurts us at various times during its fluid and well-oiled development. And that is precisely what we value: that there are no forced happy endings. A wisp of hope, yes; a fairy tale ending, no, because it would be counterproductive and unreal.

    Forceful in its denunciation and delicate in its description of the harsh and unbearable daily life of its brave protagonists, Anna M. Bofarull’s film is a new recital of the talent of Nora Navas; it is a sample of Neorealism of the 21st century (that dusty final road is De Sica and it is Rossellini; it is Sophia Loren and it is Ingrid Bergman) and it is a painful testimony of a reality that happens close to our homes. really very very close. Hopefully, from the cinema and from the arts in general, there will never be peace for the wicked and the wicked.

    For active and outraged viewers

    The best: the three leading actresses and all their truth.

    The worst: that it is based on atrocities and real characters.


    Address: Anna Bofarull Distribution: Nora Navas, Halima Ilter, Iman Ido Koro, Guim Puig, Mouafaq Rushdie, Luisa Gavasa Country: Spain Year: 2022 Release date: 1–07-2022 Gender: Drama Script: Anna Bofarull Duration: 127 minutes

    Synopsis: In Barcelona, ​​Carlota desperately undertakes the search for Marc, her teenage son who has run away from home without leaving a trace. Thousands of kilometers away, Sinjar, the region located on the border between Iraq and Syria, lives under the threat of war. There, Hadia is forced to live as a slave with three of her children in the service of a family. Instead, Arjin manages to escape from captivity and, in his attempt to return home, ends up joining the Kurdish militias. Three women separated from their loved ones. How far will they be willing to go to get them back?

    Source: Fotogramas

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