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Review of ‘Prisoners of Ghostland’

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For dedicated enthusiasts of neon, leather and bubblegum visual nonsense.

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Direction: Sion Sono Distribution: Nicolas Cage, Sofia Boutella, Nick Cassavetes and Bill Moseley Original title: Prisoners of the Ghostland Country: Japan, USA Year: 2021 Release date: 01-28-2022 Gender: Action Script: Aaron Hendry, Reza Sixo Safai Photography: Souhei Tanigawa Synopsis: When Bernice disappears without a trace, her grandfather, the warlord known as The Governor, breaks a bank robber out of jail, forces him to wear a bomb-rigged leather suit, and gives him five days to get her back. or suffer explosive consequences. In her adventure, the thief will also seek to redeem himself from her sins.

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The best: it offers everything one looks for in a film by SionSono and Nicolas Cage.

The worst: falling here by mistake is dangerous.

The most ruthless bank robber in Samurai Town is released by The Governor to carry out a suicide mission: to rescue his missing granddaughter against the clock, wearing a leather suit with explosives that will be activated if he does not comply with different rules. Two of the artifacts evidently point to his testicles.

Nicolas Cage says that it is the craziest movie he has ever made and, although it does not reach the oligophrenic finesse of ‘Mandy’ (P. Cosmatos, 2018) or ‘Color Out of Space’ (R. Stanley, 2019), the staging of the deranged Sion Sono ensures a good festival of excesses for anyone who needs a strong visual kick. Deliciously overwhelmed in its proposal, it seems impossible to know what really happens in this hypertrophied kabuki version of 1997: ‘Rescue in New York’ (J. Carpenter, 1981) that, without the claw of past successes of the Japanese as the most expendable ‘Tokyo Tribe ‘, manages to keep our attention based on post-apocalyptic messes, the interpretive paraphernalia of Cage and the magnetism of the always involved Sofia Boutella.

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