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Lose weight like an army: what you need to know about the military diet and its diet

The military diet is designed for rapid weight loss, but is it worth trying?

What it is?

The military diet, according to reviews of those who tried it, helps to lose up to 5 kilograms per week. For this, you must follow a specific nutritional plan: 1400 calories the first day, 1200 the second, 1100 the third. For the next four days until the end of the week, you can eat anything, but also not sort calories. This weekly cycle can be repeated several times until the desired result is achieved.

Various sites offer meal plans, but just stick to the usual recommendations: less fat and sweets. For example, for dinner on the first day, it is proposed to eat two sausages or sausages, a portion of broccoli, a carrot, half a banana and a half portion of ice cream. And on the third day – rice, half a banana and a portion of ice cream.

For vegetarians and vegans, there are other recommendations: replace meat with tofu, have vegan ice cream. It is worth replacing the products, considering the calorie content, not the serving size.

Coffee without sugar (you can use a sweetener) and water are allowed in any quantity. Sauces are undesirable: only salt, pepper, lemon juice, mustard and other low-calorie additives. Alcohol should be excluded in the first three days.

Is the military diet good for you?



And what about sports?

The military diet involves a small level of exercise: walking for half an hour a day. If you have a training program out of the box, you should pursue it. But if you feel bad, you can stop exercising for three “hard” days.


It has not been studied.

Despite good reviews, this diet hasn’t been studied much. Therefore, it is quite difficult to understand how many kilograms can be lost, how it threatens health and how long you can eat “in a military way”. This diet is supposed to combine a calorie deficit with “chemically appropriate” foods, but this aspect has not been studied.

In addition, in the exemplary diet menu there are sausages and ice cream, which cannot be called healthy and wholesome food.

Why is it called that?

Not because it was created by the military, but because it requires discipline and patience. However, nothing at all is known about its creators, so whether it’s worth trying is up to you.

Judging by the description, the military diet gives only a short-term result. That is to say, it is suitable for those who need to fit into a wedding dress or appear in good shape on the beach. But if you have health problems, especially in the gastrointestinal tract, the military diet is not shown to you!

Source: The Voice Mag

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