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Saw X: the infamous eye trap revealed, it’s worse than expected

Saw X: another new movie?

The new work of the cult horror saga, I saw Ximmerses us once again in the terrifying labyrinth imagined by James Wan in 2004. This tenth part, directed by Kevin Greutert, is located chronologically between the first two episodes and heralds the long-awaited return of John Kramer, the franchise’s iconic puzzler.

If we believed John Kramer was gone for good at the end Visa III his macabre shadow it continued to haunt subsequent films, thanks to flashbacks and chilling revelations. Tobin Bell, the actor behind this iconic character, reprises the role that made him famous and promises a terrifying new interpretation.

I saw X
I Saw X © Lionsgate Studios

The plot of I saw X takes us into a new nightmare. Suffering from cancer, John Kramer travels to Mexico in hopes of an experimental treatment. However, he uncovers a sinister scam that targets the most vulnerable. This discovery unleashes Jigsaw’s fury, pushing him to devise increasingly gruesome traps to punish the criminals responsible for his fatal trap.

The film also marks the return of Amanda Young, played by Shawnee Smith, a former victim who survived Jigsaw’s ordeal to become his student.

The eye trap revealed, it is very bloody

When the first poster for the horror film was revealed, it made a small impact on fans of the franchise. In fact, it revealed a whole new nefarious trap. But its functioning was not very clear. Many fans preferred tubes that discharged needles or other sharp objects into the victim’s eyes. But it’s even worse than expected.

In fact, in the first extract from I saw X, revealed by Lionsgate studios, this new trap is at the center. And it’s actually a… vacuum cleaner.

The man is tied to a chair, his eyes are connected to two tubes of a powerful vacuum cleaner capable of tearing out his eye sockets. You have sixty seconds to stop the car, but when he does, the fingers of his right hand are broken by another trap. We wish him good luck…

I saw X is expected in French cinemas on October 25th.

Source: Cine Serie

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