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Porridge’s daughter completes another year of life while her father is in intensive care

Porridge’s daughter talked about her birthday; his father fights for his life after being shot in the head

Bass player’s daughter Outraged the Penalty, Porridgethe digital influencer Isabella Garlic he got emotional when he talked about the day he turned 27. His father is fighting for his life in the intensive care unit of a hospital.

Mingau is hospitalized in serious condition after being shot in the head on the 2nd, in an attempted robbery in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro. He needed to undergo emergency surgery.

“This year’s birthday is different, it’s painful, demanding… from one moment to the next my life changed completely, and I, who had always considered myself fragile, found myself being much stronger than I thought I imagined possible (even giving myself up to suffering at certain moments)”it started.

And he concluded: “I’ve always loved celebrating birthdays, but today it’s not about me, or receiving material gifts. It’s about patience, resilience, support… it’s about waiting for you [Mingau]. Every slightest movement is a cause for great celebration and great hope.”

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