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Internally displaced Cubans sue Netflix for slander in thriller ‘Red Avispa’

A defamation lawsuit against Netflix by the head of a Cuban emigration organization accuses Streamer of spreading Cuban propaganda in Olivier Asayas’ political espionage thriller by depicting terrorism and drug addiction. wasp net. In a lawsuit filed Monday in Florida federal court, Brothers to the Rescue leader José Basulto alleges that Netflix and Osasias falsely portrayed him as a US puppet and a traitor to Cuban crimes committed by the Castro regime. Castro.

“This portrait of Mr. Basulto, the survival of the brothers and the Cuban refugee community was deliberately designed to be used in two obvious and infamous crime films,” the complaint reads.

The act of slander is the second of the Cuban deportations, arguing that the film falsely names the Cuban deportees as terrorists and clumsy characters. Anna Martinez was sued in 2020 for her character played in the film Anna de Armas.

wasp netAdapted from the book by the author and director of Asayas The last soldiers of the Cold War By Fernando Morais. In addition to his personal role in the film, Basulto is concerned with how the film misrepresents the Cuban Top Five, a group of spies sent by Cuba to infiltrate Miami-based deportation groups in the early 1990s.

“The film is a clear attempt to rewrite and whitewash history in favor of the Cuban communist regime and is, in fact, inaccurate,” the complaint reads. “The film portrays the five Cubans as brave heroes who simply defended their homeland. In fact, the top five Cubans were an espionage network that produced effective intelligence that allowed the Cuban government to carry out extrajudicial executions.

The suit alleges that the murders involved Cuba in 1996, when two Brothers to the Rescue planes were shot down during a humanitarian mission to keep Cuban refugees in the United States in the Straits of Florida. Basulto says the film falsely portrays his nonprofit as a terrorist organization to justify spying on Cuba’s top five.

Members of the group were eventually tried in 2001 for espionage, conspiracy to murder, unregistered agents of a foreign government, among other charges. The conclusions of the case and other legal proceedings related to the incident are cited extensively in the complaint as evidence that the film deliberately ignored the facts of the episode. The Cuban Resistance Assembly, which works closely with displaced communities in Cuba, condemned the film as a lie.

According to the complaint, Cuba intervened in the filming to ensure a favorable broadcast of the story. Basulto points out the demands of the country’s film directors, who say they will not allow the filming of scripts that harm the image of the country and the Cuban people.

“These demands are particularly important in a defamation suit, as the Communist Party’s censorship of Cuban content requires the submission of a ‘project, story or synopsis roadmap’ and explicitly states that any project depicting Cuba is negative. “He refused permission,” the complaint reads. “So it wasn’t even possible to capture a true and accurate story.”

As proof of slander, the costume features the character Basulto. wasp net, also called José Basulto, saying he was “trained by the United States as a terrorist” and called the “brothers in arms” a “military organization”. Basulto protests for the specific scene in which the planes of Hermanos al Rescate were shot down because it was shown that they were violating the Cuban airspace when, in fact, he says that they were shot down in the international airspace, which caused the Cubans to be condemned all around the world. Mode.

The film’s description reads, “Based on a fascinating true story: Cuban spies infiltrated groups of exiles in the 1990s to stop terrorism on the island, but at great personal cost.” According to the complaint, in response to Basulto’s letter informing him of the slander, Netflix responded that “modern Dokudram audiences understand that they are watching the drama and not asking for the facts to be repeated.”

Basulto defends slander, slander itself and the intentional imposition of emotional stress, among other allegations. Look for an ordinance that prohibits Netflix from moving the movie further, or an order to force the streamer to edit certain scenes and remove any references to the movie based on real events.

Netflix did not respond to a request for comment.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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