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Round 6: 5 unanswered questions for season two

Second season of the Korean series, hit by Netflix, should resume some open points in the script – here, we list the most important

Last Sunday (12), the Netflix made the next season official. round 6. Without revealing dates, the stream posted an image on Instagram with the caption “French Fries 1, 2, 3… Round 6 continues in a 2nd season!”

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The first season of the series was a global phenomenon as one of the most popular on streaming, and it brought many characters and mysteries to solve over nine episodes.

While the series revealed who was behind the games, there’s a lot of information missing from the puzzle, which ended up generating more questions than before.

After the death of Il-Nam, who was responsible for the games?

When Player 0001 was revealed as the big brain behind the competition, we saw that he actually lied about various aspects of his identity to participate in the games, but not about being battling cancer, which causes his death at the end of the game. series.

However, in the last episode the main character received another invitation to participate in the games, but who would be leading? Could it be Front Man, or is there someone above Il-Nam leading the deadly games?

Where do masked workers come from?

The soldiers who appear in the games dressed in the red suits and masks also have their own secrets. They appear earning extra money by selling dead players’ organs.

But where did they come from? Some viewers speculate that the workers were recruited in the same way as the players, and that it was the color of the card they chose during the game of ddakji that determined their worker status.

Series director Dong-hyuk has denied this theory, stating that the color of the cards is a reference to an old Korean folktale. So how did workers get involved with the round 6? it’s because?

Why did In-ho become Front Man if he himself was the winner of the games?

One of the detective’s key discoveries is that his brother was the winning player years before the events of the current games. But why did In-ho become the games frontman? Are there any unknown rules that require winners to remain involved with the mysterious organization?

It’s unclear why anyone would want Front Man’s work. Why did In-ho feel the need to return to mortal competition? Did he have a choice?

Is Hwang Jun-ho still alive after being shot off the cliff?

Detective Hwang Jun-ho, when he discovers that the Front Man is actually his missing brother, is surrounded on the cliff by masked workers, is shot and falls into the sea.

The question remains whether Jun-ho survived the fall. Since we didn’t see him die… Could he still be alive? If that’s the case, where is he now?

What is Seong Gi-hun’s plan after he hangs up at the airport?

At the end of the game it looks like we finally have some closure. Protagonist Seong Gi-hun packs his bags for America, where his daughter lives with her mother and stepfather. But before getting on the plane, he calls the phone number on the business card he confiscated from a man at the train station.

Recipients of the call reveal that the games are happening once again, which causes Gi-hun to immediately turn around and leave his flight. What exactly did Gi-hun have planned? Without any location coordinates, how will he find out where the games take place? And what will he do to stop them, if found?

Round 6: What is it about?

world hit of Netflix, round 6 follows a group of indebted and desperate people who agree to participate in a deadly competition. Full of children’s games, the game has several stages – and whoever makes it to the end receives a cash prize of 49 billion won (about R$ 221 billion).

In search of survival and the prize, the participants surpass any value of morality and coexistence in society. With social criticism, complex characters and a lot of violence, the series has become the biggest production on streaming.

Source: Rollingstone

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