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The world after us: why the name of the boat is very important

The World After Us is finally available on Netflix

This end-of-year thriller is available on Netflix from Friday 8 December. The world after us is directed by Sam Esmail, the brilliant creator of the series Mr. Robot. It is the adaptation of the novel of the same name by Rumaan Alam published in 2020.

The plot focuses on Amanda and her husband Clay, who rent a luxury villa for a weekend with their children, Archie and Rose. Their tranquility is abruptly interrupted by the nocturnal arrival of two strangers, GH and his daughter Ruth, who claim to be the real owners of the house. They announce a mysterious cyber attack and seek refuge. The two families will therefore find themselves facing a growing threat, forcing them to question their role in a world in complete upheaval.

The film is carried forward by a first-rate cast, composed in particular of Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke and Mahershala Ali.

What the boat tells us

Sam Esmail has released many small details that seem trivial, but which allow us to better understand the film. One of the most important is found in the imposing scene of sinking of the ocean liner, at the beginning of the feature film, when the family goes to the beach. This is a pure invention of the director, because this sequence does not exist in the original novel.

We wanted to create an initial feeling of non-threat, minimized by the characters, until it became imminent and tangible. It’s a slow but impactful action sequence, where the characters’ rejection intensifies the tension, rather than the threat itself

Sam Esmail told us about it, confirming that the name of the boat, “White Lion”, had a special meaning.

If the director did not confirm what this name referred to, we can build a theory from it white lion symbolism in some African tribes. This sacred animal, in fact, can be seen as the guardian of important messages for humanity. Meeting one would be a warning. An ancient Zulu prophecy would attest that the white lion is a sacred messenger in African legends and tales, symbolizing a call to action. This prophecy emphasizes that the presence of the white lion warns humans that the Earth is changing and requires our help, before it is too late.

An even stronger symbol as Sam Esmail confirmed to us that the presence of animals was fundamental in the film:

The images of deer and animals in general in the book speak as a metaphor for nature, for Mother Nature warning us of what lies ahead.

Source: Cine Serie

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