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EntertainmentWhere to watch Daryl Dixon, a series derived from The Walking Dead?New continues the story of Norman Reedus’ character after the end of the main series and takes him to another continent today at 10:30

New continues the story of Norman Reedus’ character after the end of the main series and takes him to another continent

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixonseries derived from The Walking Dead (2010-2022), which continues the story of the character from Norman Reedus, has just arrived on Brazilian digital platforms, around six months after its launch in the United States. But where to watch the news?

On the Serie, Daryl disembarks in France, without knowing how he got there and why. There, he finds a devastated but resilient country and searches for a way to return home. However, as you continue your journey, Daryl He forms connections that quickly complicate his plan. Watch the trailer:

In addition to Norman Reedusthe cast of the series still includes Clémence PoesyThe Fleur Delacour of the franchise Harry Potter (2011-2011), as Isabelle, member of a progressive religious group with a dark past; It is Adam Nagaitisin Chernobyl (2019), as Quinnwho gained power as an illegal market trader and owner of an underground nightclub after the apocalypse.

The first season of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is available, starting this Friday, May 3rd, in the Prime Video catalogwhich already has other spin-offs in The Walking Dead (2010-2022), as Fear the Walking Dead (2015-2023), which shows the beginning of the apocalypse; It is The Walking Dead: World Beyond(2020-2021), about the future of the world with zombies.

Recently, the series Tales of the Walking Dead(2022- ), an anthology of diverse stories within the series’ universe; The Walking Dead: Dead City(2023- ), focused on Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) It is Maggie (Lauren Cohan); It is The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Livewhich tells what happened to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) It is Michonne (Danai Gurira) after leaving the main story.

What has been the best new series of 2024 so far? Vote for your favorite!

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  • The regime
  • X-Men ’97
  • The 3-Body Problem
  • Ripley
  • Parasite: The Gray
  • Iwájú
  • Fallout
  • Baby Reindeer
  • Dead Detective Boys

Source: Rollingstone

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