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The Exorcist: a big name in horror cinema could direct the next film

The exorcist : a relaunched franchise

Self The exorcist (1973) is considered a masterpiece, it cannot be said that the sequels and spin-off films have approached its level or its impact on popular culture. Moreover, William Friedkin he never hid his rejection of these projects, refusing to see them and having the patience to watch only a few minutes of the second work. The director believed that the producers who brought these films to life simply did not understand anything about his work and were content to use the title to attract audiences.

However, this did not prevent a reboot with which to see the light in 2023 The Exorcist: Devotion. Directed by David Gordon Green, the feature film ignores all the sequels and takes place several years after the first. Or the same principle as Halloween (2018) by the same director. Produced by Blumhouse on a budget of $30 million, the film grossed nearly $137 million at the worldwide box office. Not necessarily enough to reassure the studio which, after purchasing the rights for more than 400 million dollars, planned to launch a trilogy with Devotion. Furthermore, the reviews were disastrous and David Gordon Green ended up leaving the sequel, The Exorcist: The Deceiverscheduled for April 18, 2025 in the United States.

Will Mike Flanagan take over?

The project therefore seemed to be at a standstill. Up to the sources of Expiration announce the arrival of Mike Flanagan for the production of the next film The Exorcist. The director would have been validated by Blumhouse and Universal Pictures, who however did not want to comment on this information. But if this is confirmed, Mike Flanagan’s presence could reassure fans. The director is quite popular among fans of genre cinema. We owe it in particular to him Ouija: the origins (2016)which grossed $81 million worldwide on a $5 million budget.

It was also on Netflix that he stood out with the series The Haunting of Hill House (2018) or even Jessie (2017), adapted by Stephen King. Let’s add to this another excursion from the side of the famous author with Doctor Sleep (2019)Following Shining (1980). Mike Flanagan could therefore be a good choice The exorcist. Provided that the production leaves him some freedom so that he can express himself…

Source: Cine Serie

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