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Luis Fonsi arrived at his destination but didn’t talk about ‘The Journey’ beforehand

After transporting his fans to different places over the past few months through great songs like “Buenos Aires”, “Pasa La Página – Panamá”, “Santiago”, “La Romana”, “Marbella” and “Roma”, Luis Fonsi presents “El Viaje”, his new album.

And there is no doubt that it is one of the most versatile tracks of his career, due to the variety of musical genres that accompany it. 12 themesbut also because of Fonsi’s interpretation.

And that’s without counting the collaborations with artists from different parts of the worldincluding renowned Italian performer Laura Pausini (“Roma”), established artist Carlos Vives (“Santa Marta”), Spain’s most influential urban rapper Omar Montes (“Marbella”) and singer-songwriter Puerto Rican Jay Wheeler (“San Juan”).

All songs included in “El Viaje” were composed by Fonsi, Andrés Torres, Mauricio Rengifo and Keityn, among other composers.

Notably Alongside the album, a moving video directed by Salomón Simhon and filmed in Bogotá with Carlos Vives was released.

The clip stands out for the spontaneity of its protagonists, in this case the families who received an unexpected serenade from Fonsi and Vives.

People’s reactions touch the heart and the sympathy of the two artists is palpable in this video recorded in documentary style.

Tracklist for “The Journey”

1) Rome (with Laura Pausini)

2) Santa Marta (with Carlos Vives)

3) Andalusia

4) The Roman

5) San Juan (with Jay Wheeler)

6) Mexico

7) River

8) Marbella (with Omar Montes)

9) Saint-Jacques

10) Turn the page – Panama

11) Medellin

12)Buenos Aires

Source: Qmusica

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