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Johnny Hallyday Biopic: We Know Who’s Playing the Lead Role, and It’s Flawless

The Johnny Hallyday biopic will be filmed this year

The Johnny Hallyday biopic has undergone numerous developments since its initial announcement. In 2020, Olivier Marchal will direct the film, with the ambition of chronicling the life and career of the French rock icon. The director, a close friend of Johnny, promised a faithful and touching portrayal of Taulier. However, in the meantime, Olivier Marchal was removed from the project in favor of another director.

In 2020, in fact, Jalil Lespert took over the reins of production. At the time, the latter was in a relationship with Laeticia Hallyday, Johnny’s widow, who actively supervised the production of the film. Under Lespert’s direction, the biopic changed focus. Titled “That I love you“, the film will no longer focus only on Johnny’s career, but will highlight his meeting and romance with Laeticia Hallyday.

Four years after its announcement, the film produced by Universal Pictures France finally moves forward French cinema announces the start of filming this year.

Matthias Schoenaerts will be Johnny

Again according to information from Film Français, it is the Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts (Of rust and bones), who was cast as Johnny Hallyday. A sensible choice, because in addition to being of Belgian nationality, as Taulier was, Matthias Schoenaerts also has real physical resemblance traits with the interpreter ofTurn on the fire. Especially in her intense gaze.

Matthias Schoenaerts during the promotion of the film Rust and Bone
Matthias Schoenaerts during the promotion of the film Rust and Bone

In addition to his Belgian nationality and his physical resemblance, Matthias Schoenaerts has already demonstrated that he possesses some qualities as a singer, particularly in this deleted scene from the film A bit of chaos in which he responded to Kate Winslet:

A love story at the center of the biopic

Even separated from Laeticia Hallyday, the heart of Jalil Lespert’s biopic of Johnny still seems to be the meeting between Taulier and his wife.

We remember that Laeticia Boudou and Johnny Hallyday met in March 1995 in Miami, during a dinner organized by Laeticia’s father. At the time Laeticia was a young 20-year-old model, while Johnny was already a French rock legend. Their relationship evolved quickly and a year later, in March 1996 they married in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Their marriage was marked by the adoption of two daughters, Jade in 2004 and Joy in 2008.

Together, they went through many trials, including Johnny’s health problems and media challenges. Their romance lasted more than two decadesuntil Johnny’s death in December 2017. Laeticia played an important role in Johnny’s personal and professional life, becoming a key figure in managing his legacy after his death.

Source: Cine Serie

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