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Before the seals: Experts talked about the ‘silent’ symptoms of breast cancer that no one notices

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Some of the insidious signs of breast cancer have nothing to do with any breast lumps you may feel.

According to statistics, 50,000 new cases of breast cancer are registered annually in Russia. To combat this disease, it is extremely important to identify it in time – if a malignant tumor is detected at a late stage, the survival rate is low.

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That is why it is necessary to monitor the condition of your breasts and notice any changes in it. In addition to the lumps you may feel, there are other signs that may indicate the development of breast cancer. Here’s what doctors say you should watch out for.

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Lump under the armpit

Oncologist Jasmeet Singh of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center notes that an unexpected symptom of breast cancer can be the appearance of a lump under the arm – this is due to enlarged lymph nodes near the breast. As experts at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute explain, a healthy knot is shaped like a lima bean and will be “tight and a bit loose,” while a potentially cancerous knot will turn into a round, hard ball. .

Nipple or skin changes

Dr. Laura Dominici, associate surgeon at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, urges paying attention to any changes in the skin of the breast and nipples – dimples, inversions, cracks and inflammation – which can all indicate breast cancer.

Nipple discharge

According to Dominici, accidental nipple discharge is always a cause for concern. But if they are not transparent, but bloody, white or green, you should immediately consult a doctor. Laura also adds that women can notice these kinds of stains left on a bra after a day of wearing it.

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Swelling or inflammation

These are usually symptoms of an infection, but Singh says they can sometimes be signs of breast cancer. “If you notice that the inflammation does not go away after taking antibiotics, you should immediately contact an oncologist,” advises the doctor.

Breast size change

“If your breast size changes drastically, it could be a sign of breast cancer,” says Dominici. You can notice this symptom by the way the bra fits or by comparing one breast to another. Dominici explains that more often the mammary gland swells in illness, but in rare cases it can decrease – this is also worth paying attention to.

The surgeon advises not to panic for those who have found these symptoms in themselves – sometimes they can talk about the appearance of a benign tumor. However, having noticed these alarming bells, you should definitely contact a specialist – after all, this simple action can save your life.

Source: The Voice Mag

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