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New details on Jeremy Renner’s accident: the actor tries to save his nephew

It has been almost a month since the tragic accident took place Jeremy Renner at his estate in Reno, Nevada. Now, a new report from the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office reports new details that help clarify the events leading up to the January 1 incident.

The report says that the actor was trying to stop the snowplow from running over his nephew when he was hit by the car himself. The accident occurred when the actor, who was driving his snow blower, was trying to free his nephew’s van that was trapped in the snow in the driveway. The cause of the accident can be attributed to a malfunction of the snow plow’s brake indicator.

The following is the content of the Nevada County Sheriff’s report:

“The snowplow PistenBully he began to slide, causing Jeremy Renner to exit the vehicle without applying the emergency brake. Although the PistenBully had engine problems, we believe, based on our investigations, that the handbrake still stopped the vehicle. When Renner tried to stop or divert the PistenBully to avoid hurting his nephew, he drags him under the snow plow, which ends up running over him. Down from PistenBullyin fact, he realized that the snowplow was advancing towards his nephew. Afraid it would hit him, Renner decided to try to stop it or change direction. The PistenBully so he sighed and then continued his walk. Renner lay on the ground and concentrated on his breathing as his nephew and other people tried to save him while waiting for medical personnel to arrive at the scene of the accident.

Jeremy Renner’s condition is slowly improving after initial concerns from family and friends about a possible leg amputation. It took a long time to recover but I hope the actor can get back to 100%. In recent days, the actor updated fans on his condition with an image posted on Instagram while he was undergoing physiotherapy.

Source: CNN

Source: Red Capes

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