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Mistakes we make in public restrooms – don’t do this!

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Toilets in shopping centers, clinics, institutions are considered real hotbeds of infection, but we hasten to reassure you – since the 20th century it has been reliably proven that it is impossible to catch a deadly bacteria or STD using a public bathroom for its intended purpose. But this does not mean that you should relax: no less annoying small diseases and ailments caused by a lack of hygiene do not go away.

Once in a public restroom, never do this. Even if the toilet looks clean and inspires maximum confidence!

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Do not press the drain button with an unprotected hand

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This part of the toilet, of course, no one disinfects after each user (and after fifty users as well). But it’s the drain lever that takes a serious hit: it’s pushed in, the splashes from the bowl fly over it… So cover the button with a towel before pressing it. By the way, a similar manipulation should be performed with the door handle – on both sides.

Do not place or place objects on the floor in a public restroom

It would seem like a pretty basic precaution, but time and time again they put bags and packages over and over again, or even put outdoor clothing on the floor in a public restroom. Don’t do it that way! You will not wash the bag or even the bag afterwards, and whatever was in it will remain on your palms.


Don’t do your business “on the weight”

And it’s not just about taking care of those who come to the booth for you (although that’s also very important). Hanging over the toilet like a UFO only seems like a good idea: in fact, such a position is the least physiological possible, because it does not allow the bladder to empty completely. If you do this constantly, you can cause cystitis. To help – disposable seats or disinfectant and toilet paper.

Don’t put your phone in the cabin

We are used to never dropping a smartphone, but still, before going to a public toilet, it is better to put it in your bag and not take it out until you have finished your plan, wash your hands and return to the big world. Otherwise, anything that can “stick” in a public toilet will end up on the phone, and soon on the skin of the face. In addition, the mobile can fall – do you need it?

Do not flush the toilet until you have closed the toilet lid

The same advice would be good to use at home: the toilet flush literally sprays water mixed with the remains of stool around the entire perimeter of the stall. You don’t notice how fine the fine mist is on your clothes and even on your skin. Br!

Source: The Voice Mag

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