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Hologram nails: 5 ideas for a “chameleon manicure” in summery shades

Shimmering multichrome varnishes are the best choice for a monochromatic manicure with a twist. Be sure to try wearing these on your nails during the summer, as they sparkle so well in the sun!

Chameleon varnishes can be found in the assortment of many nail brands. Thanks to them, the manicure turns into an optical illusion, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Plus, when, if not in summer, you can – and even should! – to choose varnishes with the most daring shades, so abundant in the multichrome palette?


The freshness of a blue tint, instantly blending into the precious shine of gold … It was the combination of opposites that made the “chameleon manicure” the main beauty trend in social networks.



Emerald tone with a noble pinkish-brown tint is a classic manicure with a chameleon effect. This shade is considered one of the most popular and is perfect for nails of all shapes and lengths.

gentle dawn

And it’s an option for women who find it hard to swap their favorite pink palette for something else. A precious golden tint makes pink nails even more elegant and delicate.

crimson sunset

A manicure with pink notes can look completely different if you choose a “chameleon” varnish in a darker and more noble range. If desired, this tone can be kept until the end of summer, gently until autumn.

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hidden shine

Delicate, airy, beautiful… Such a “chameleon” can even fit into a wedding look – if, for example, there are flowers with a lilac shade in the bride’s bouquet.

Source: The Voice Mag

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