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From Ice Ombre to Metallic French: 5 Stylish Wedding Manicure Ideas

If you are doing pre-party chores before the long-awaited wedding with your sweetheart and you just can’t find the time to think about the nail design for the celebration, this selection of manicures will save your life!

The preparation of the bride for the wedding includes a myriad of stages, which many women even jokingly compare to the circles of hell… Everything must be thought out: from the choice of the cake filling and the festive dress to cosmetic procedures with manicure.

Watermelon nails, magic ombre and more: 9 trendiest manicure options for this summer

By the way, the latter should be treated with special concern, because the hands of the new bride are the center of attention on this day. If you have not yet decided exactly how you want to decorate your nails on the occasion of the celebration, use our cheat sheet with the most elegant and unusual wedding nail ideas.

french lace


French is the easiest and most winning option for a bride’s manicure. Convex patterns with imitation lace will help to slightly diversify the design and make it more luxurious. You can even choose patterns that will perfectly match those adorning your dress and veil.

neutral territory

And who said nude manicures were boring? Pick an “expensive” neutral shade that will almost blend into your skin, and you’ll see how such a simple design will instantly transform handles.

romantic blush

The fashion for “vermeil” nails came from Korea and very quickly established itself in our latitudes. Everything here is in a translucent pink varnish and an incredibly shiny top. Such a manicure is ideal for every day, even for a noisy wedding celebration.

space bride

If a nude manicure for a wedding seems too boring to you, don’t be afraid to try something new and unusual. For example, this unusual jacket with a silver base and golden tips will best reflect your bold mood.

ice shadow

Here is a non-classic version of the French manicure. The tips of the nails here are highlighted not with light stripes, but with a blurry gradient. The transition between pale pink and white is incredibly soft – perfect for a wedding! And such a neutral manicure will be ideally combined with a festive dress of any color and style.

Source: The Voice Mag

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