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How much hair falls out during hair washing – this number determines the health of the curls

The easiest way to assess the severity of hair loss is not when combing, but when washing your hair. Pay attention to the number of hairs in the plum. But do not rush to dramatize!

As you know, the loss of 50-100 hairs per day is considered the norm and does not require contacting trichologists and dermatologists for the selection of treatment. Of course, the limits of this standard are quite wide. It all depends on age, genes, hormonal levels, as well as the structure and thickness of hair – after all, someone has them thinner, but at the same time there is a lot more.

Experts urge not to diagnose yourself during combing: after all, at this time we have a traumatic effect on the curls, unraveling the formed knots. It is best to assess the condition of the hair during hair washing. But even such a self-diagnosis should be approached with extreme caution!

Many women, after washing their hair, look in horror at a clogged bath drain and are even afraid to imagine how much hair has left their head while taking a shower. And then they start thinking about alopecia…

If at least once you have worried about the condition of the locks after washing your hair, first answer this simple question: how often do you wash your hair in general?

According to Canadian dermatologist Gita Yadav, hair loss while washing only looks dramatic, but in fact it’s not.


“If you wash your hair twice a week or less, the fallen hair will create the illusion of severe hair loss. Hair follicles usually die off more or less evenly – but they linger and ‘store’ in the dermis until the moment we start washing our hair” – explain doctor.

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According to the specialist, talking about the development of alopecia and other pathological conditions should be done only when whole strands of hair fall out during shampooing. Or, if you are washing the roots of the hair, you are looking for an empty area of ​​the head where there is no hair at all.

Source: The Voice Mag

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