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5 simple things to do before breakfast to lose weight faster

These little habits make a huge difference!

Melissa Mitri has been a nutritionist for 15 years, author of several health books, and content consultant for wellness brands. Over the years, Melissa has seen hundreds of women with a variety of issues, but her specialty is young mothers who struggle with the emotional overload caused by chronic stress.

It was they, says Melissa, who helped her formulate the Five Morning Weight Loss Rules, which over time have proven effective. There’s nothing difficult about these tricks – choose what you’ll do before breakfast to lose weight faster!

Have a glass of water

“I advise my clients to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning – it should become a habit,” says Melissa. As the nutritionist explains, the benefits of this simple action can hardly be overstated: water helps all organs to “wake up”, speeds up metabolism, eliminates toxins, improves joint mobility – all this allows us not only to feel better, but also from us it is possible to quickly achieve the effect of diets and fitness exercises.


Practice mindfulness

Simply put, mindfulness is paying attention to your choices and the ability to live “here and now”, not in the past or the future. Mindfulness reduces stress, slows the aging process, improves ability to concentrate and even helps fight cancer: studies have shown that people with cancer have improved biomarkers.

There are many mindfulness practices, but the most popular is meditation. It will only take 5-10 minutes and one of the apps will make the process easy to understand, even if you are a complete layman trying your hand at mental exercises for the first time.

Get out in the sun

Vitamin D helps us lose weight: studies have proven a link between UV exposure and weight loss. Sunlight is needed to produce this substance, so Mitry advises going out for a few minutes in the fresh air in the morning – for example, drinking coffee on the balcony or taking a walk near the house.


“Some research has shown that exercising in the morning leads to higher levels of satiety throughout the day. To do this, you don’t have to spend a lot of time exercising – 10 minutes walking or stretching is enough, plus the activity triggers the release of endorphins, which will help you have a positive day,” says Mitri.

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Step on the scale

This, according to Melissa, will not only help you track your weight and see the dynamics of changes, but will also remind you of your goals in the morning, which, in turn, will affect the choice of breakfast and other actions in the morning. course of the day. .

Source: The Voice Mag

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