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How to properly comb hair at 50 and over so as not to make it weaker and brittle

With age, hair loses its vitality and becomes susceptible to shedding and active damage. Proper care helps maintain healthy curls – as well as careful attention to the combing process.

No matter how intensively you take care of your hair, the combing process also has a significant impact on its appearance. Aggressive movements of the comb and inappropriate accessories cause the appearance of brittleness and split ends. And sometimes, they even pull out hair by the roots!

It is especially important to use a comb correctly with age, when the hair weakens and its loss becomes almost chronic. You need to start by carefully choosing a comb – and not neglecting the rule of annual replacement of this device.

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Stylists recommend that women aged 50 and over shorten their hair to at least average length. Such curls are easier to maintain, especially because they do not need to be combed intensively.

  • If you need to comb your hair after washing it, start the process when it is a little dry. Wet curls are very heavy, so the load on them increases, which can lead to increased hair loss.
  • When combing your hair, whether dry or wet, divide the process into stages: first, tidy up the ends, then the middle part, and finally, gently comb your hair at the roots.
  • Make sure to hold most of the hair with your hands so as not to create excess pressure on the web when using the comb.


Also remember that the comb does not work well with styling products. If there is already hairspray, mousse or wax on your hair – especially if the product was applied not a minute ago, but yesterday or the day before yesterday – you should not comb the hair. hairdressing. The best you can do is gently run the bristles along the top layer of your hair to smooth out any stray strands a bit.

Source: The Voice Mag

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