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“Before I ate 1300 kcal, now 3000”: what a woman’s body looks like with the same weight, but with different lifestyles

Shelley once weighed almost 200 kg, but then she pulled herself together and began to lose weight. Several years ago, the girl ate almost nothing and exhausted herself with cardio exercises. Today, she lives a very different life, but she looks much better than during her strict weight loss regime.

We have already covered several times before different aspects of the incredible story of the transformation of Puerto Rican Shelley. The woman became an Internet star when she talked about her 135 kg weight loss: just a few years ago, her weight reached almost 200 kg.

Of course, bariatric surgery would not have been possible. However, after reducing her stomach, Shelley changed her approach to nutrition and began actively playing sports. According to the woman’s memories, in 2020, at the height of her passion for weight loss, she ate only 1,300 kcal per day – and started every weekday morning with a 5 kilometer run around the city. She eventually lost weight to around 82 kg. And then she lost a little more and turned to plastic surgeons for help.


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Over the past few years, Shelley has ditched intense cardio exercise and started focusing on working with equipment. As a result, she recovered again up to 82 kg – but by building muscle mass. For this reason, the blogger eats a lot of protein, and the total energy value of her diet reaches 3000 kcal per day!

As you can see, working on weight loss alone may not be enough. It is equally important to work on muscles and body volume. In this case, regular training cannot be avoided, as well as a competent diet, without a bunch of unnecessary fats and fast carbohydrates.

By the way, Shelley’s radical weight loss shouldn’t be motivated only by the fact that if you really want it, everything will work out. Initially, the weight of the tiktoker was critical, so now her life cannot be imagined without plastic surgery to remove excess skin and tighten her abdomen, buttocks and breasts – and clearly visible scars after all these procedures.

Source: The Voice Mag

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