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How to properly clean your neck after 30: 3 basic techniques against the first wrinkles

Let’s learn how to take care of your neck so that it never reveals your real age!

Transverse neck wrinkles, also called Venus rings, can appear at a young age. The only sure way to resist it is to provide it with regular care, because this sensual area needs it as urgently as the face.

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You can actively combat the signs of neck wilting after 30 years. Where to start? With a good cleaning! Here are 3 main rules that every woman should know and follow.

No soap

Soaps and shower gels are not suitable for neck care because they dry out the neck and only cause the appearance of early wrinkles. This area requires the same deep and gentle cleansing as the skin on the face.

A good cleaning

For women over 30, cosmetologists recommend removing impurities from the neck using lotions and micellar water, which are usually used for facial care. These delicate products do not destroy the lipid balance and keep the skin elastic and smooth longer in this area.

Special technique

To clean the skin on your neck, use vertical movements from top to bottom. When you have thus removed the remains of cosmetic products and other impurities using a cotton pad, do not forget to wipe your neck with facial toner.

Source: The Voice Mag

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