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How Inappropriate Makeup Ruins Your Appearance: 5 “Before” and “After” Examples

Even though beauty trends are constantly evolving, you shouldn’t blindly follow fashion trends. Sometimes makeup, done in the current color palette and with the coolest techniques, makes you look older and deprives your appearance of harmony – unlike the good old classics.

Social media has radically changed the world of makeup. Now we all follow fashion trends in one way or another and try to repeat the most current images of celebrities and beauty bloggers – be it, for example, eye-catching makeup delicate milk for every day or a bold technique to put a special emphasis on the lips.

Nevertheless, we must not forget that the main task of decorative cosmetics is to improve the original external data, and not to create completely different people from us. And makeup can really do that!

Famous makeup artist Jenny Bogler often shows on her blog how girls look with different types of makeup. Sometimes cosmetic products change facial features so much that they become simply unrecognizable. At the same time, a competent combination of products and textures adorns Jenny’s customers. And what is surprising is that in these cases, the makeup artist always uses less makeup!

Dark shades and a dramatic image are a solution that does not fit well into real life. Perhaps at a photo shoot such makeup would decorate a girl. Even if this “lifeless” lipstick shade still arouses suspicion!


Another example where “more” does not equal “better”. If you reduce the intensity of your eye makeup, the look will be more balanced, light and pleasant.

As a rule, eyeliner in the inner corners of the eyes is used extremely rarely, as it visually reduces the eyes and makes makeup more complex. But in this case, such a makeup technique, on the contrary, opened the girl’s eyes and gave the image a complete picture.

But you should always be extremely careful with eyeliner on the lower eyelid! In most cases, it makes the eyes sad and does not have the best effect on their shape.

The classic rule of makeup says that to make your eyes more expressive, you need to apply bright, light shades of shadows on the upper eyelid. However, each eye shape requires an adjustment to this rule. Sometimes makeup looks much better in muted, matte colors, as in the example above.

Source: The Voice Mag

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