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Coconut nails: 7 examples of fall manicures that will freshly highlight your holiday tan

Let’s extend the summer and adopt a manicure that recalls the sweetest vacation days!

Bananas-coconuts, orange heaven! As fall begins, you just want summer to linger a little longer. And we know how to achieve this with a trendy nail design.

Try the coconut milk trend that Dua Lipa loves so much! She wears a “coconut” manicure with dresses and a leather jacket, which confirms her versatility.


These nails are stylish, suitable absolutely everywhere and are a nice bonus! – emphasize the beauty of the bronze complexion. So we confidently recommend this design option to those who have just brought back a vacation tan and want to emphasize it in every possible way. The milky color goes perfectly with any wardrobe and suits all skin tones.

To get the coconut milk effect on your nails, you need to choose a rich milky white polish with a translucent finish and add a little shine. Give preference to shiny options: the matte and pearly reflections of chrome have no place here.

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This option represents the golden mean between bright and nude manicure. The “coconut” design instantly lengthens your fingers and at the same time makes your nails shinier and more contrasting.

Milky nails are easy to do at home. Simply apply two coats of translucent white polish and don’t forget to finish your manicure with a high shine top coat.

Source: The Voice Mag

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