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“Manicure-kiss”: how to quickly create the most unusual nail design this fall

The imprint of love on your fingertips, what could be more romantic and sexy? Nothing 🙂 Which means it’s time to try this nail art! Moreover, you can implement it without going to a beauty salon.

This nail design is so simple that you can quickly do this manicure yourself! You will need white nail polish (or any other neutral, at your discretion), lipstick and a shiny transparent top coat. Save the instructions!

  • Choose a white varnish, preferably with good density and color saturation. Apply it gently to your nails and let it dry completely.
  • To create a kissed effect, apply makeup to your lips as you usually do.
  • Gently kiss your nails: once or, if you wish, several times
  • Finally, apply a clear top coat and let it dry completely.

This manicure can be done with glossy or matte nail polish. But for design it is better to choose matte lipstick, but not necessarily red. A matte texture is easier to work with: it dries more quickly and presents less risk of staining the nail.

Source: The Voice Mag

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