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What does the same manicure look like in a classic, expensive and VIP beauty salon: guess which one costs more!

The beauty industry offers services for every taste and budget. But is there such a big difference between a manicure done in an ordinary beauty salon or a more luxurious, high-end manicure studio for stars and millionaire wives? Let’s check it out together!

Sometimes the same services in beauty salons cost completely different amounts – although they are based on almost identical actions. It all depends on the prestige of the beauty studio, the cost of rent in a particular area of ​​​​the city, as well as additional costs for interior, advertising and other personnel services.

An important point in the final cost of the procedure concerns the materials used. Most artisans work with standard tools and cosmetics, but some only use high-end products from premium brands.

But is the difference between the services of salons of different price categories so striking? Let’s see about the most classic procedure: a manicure with a nude finish.

Before you are three identical works made in manicure studios in Moscow with different prices. One of these manicures costs 1,500 rubles, another 3,100, and the third almost 6,000 rubles.


Which job do you think costs the most?


Choose an option:

First of all



Of course, first of all, we pay more in beauty salons for service and comfort. Going to more expensive places brings special pleasure. And in these studios you can meet more experienced masters (for example, with many years of experience in artistic nail painting) and rare cosmetic brands suitable for people with allergies or hypersensitivity.

Source: The Voice Mag

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