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Everyone forgets to apply perfume to this strange place on the body – an easy way to drive others crazy.

Remember the little secret of the bright, rich sound of your favorite perfume.

Neck, wrists, dimples between the collarbones and hair – perhaps every woman knows these fundamental points for applying perfume. At the same time, there are other secret places on the body for a beautiful distribution of aromas, which many, for some reason, undeservedly forget about.

One of them is the area below the knees. It is from this unusual area that the perfume spreads in a beautiful trail that leaves an indelible impression on others.

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What’s the secret ? The area below the knees is one of the most active points in our body. If you apply perfume to this place, then each movement will lift its light molecules upward, enveloping you in a fragrant cocoon.

By the way, this is not the only strange place on the body from which the aroma will be clearly audible to you and those around you. Experts also advise not to ignore the forehead. Perfume should be applied centrally, excluding the area around the eyes. The heat emanating from this point will help maximize the aroma and diffuse it.

Source: The Voice Mag

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