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What is better to use in the fall – heel wax or moisturizer: we understand the needs of your feet

After summer, many people experience problems with the condition of their feet – they suffer from dryness, cracks and other unpleasant sensations. To soften your skin, you need to use skincare products regularly. But what is better to choose: creams with moisturizing ingredients or wax-based products, which we talk about so much on social networks?

The open shoe season has finally come to an end – it has been replaced by long cold months and a heating season. All this does not have the best effect on the condition of our feet: it makes the feet drier and causes the appearance of rough areas.

To combat dry heels, pumice alone is not enough. Dermatologists advise the daily use of cosmetic care products aimed at softening the skin of the feet.

What are the benefits of moisturizing foot creams with keratolytics?

Typically, foot creams contain nourishing oils, vitamin extracts and urea – which among the ingredients can be found under the names “urea” or “urea”, indicating the percentage concentration of the substance .

Urea has a powerful keratolytic effect. This helps accelerate the process of exfoliation of dead cells to improve nutrition and hydration of the deeper layers of the skin.


It is also customary to classify various acids as keratolytic, so you can look for salicylic, lactic, boric or citric acids in your cream. Keratolytics are also alkaline. However, this type of product is considered the most aggressive and is usually found only in professional pedicure products intended for preliminary cleaning of heels.

What are the benefits of foot hair removal?

Along with urea, beeswax is considered one of the most effective components for heel care. Featured beauty blogs recommend trying foot wax, as do lists of the most popular products on marketplaces.

Unlike keratolytic ingredients found in creams, heel wax does not have an exfoliating effect. It softens the skin, accelerates the healing of cracks and eliminates discomfort. Sometimes corns cause quite noticeable pain, so this is very important.

But creams with keratolytics, precisely due to active exfoliation, can, on the contrary, increase discomfort – and cause itching and redness of the skin. Therefore, if you have increased sensitivity, it is better to choose wax. As is the case if there are open sores on the feet.

Another significant advantage of beeswax is its rich texture. The product remains on the surface of the skin for a long time, creating a protective nourishing layer. However, for some, this nuance can, on the contrary, turn out to be a disadvantage: not everyone likes the feeling of an oily film on the skin.

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What to choose ?

As you can see, when choosing between creams with keratolytics and softening wax, you should focus on the severity of the problem (sometimes you cannot do without aggressive exfoliation), as well as on the sensations you are looking for during use of the product.

Generally speaking, if the condition of your feet allows it, it is preferable to alternate products from the two groups to obtain both softening and deep hydration with an exfoliating effect. Just for such cases there are care waxes with the addition of urea. However, they are quite rare for sale, so it will be easier to have two jars based on different assets.

Source: The Voice Mag

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