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How to create the most fashionable fall hairstyle: the volume will last for a few days!

We shape your hair into incredibly voluminous waves that will easily last until your next hair wash.

In a sense, the beauty trend in recent years toward naturalness has only made our lives more complicated. The truth is that styling your hair beautifully, as if it fell like this of its own accord, is sometimes even more difficult than shaping it into precise curls.

Volume and youth in one bottle: this is what the most spectacular autumn haircut looks like for women aged 40 and over

However, if you know a few little styling tricks and use the right tools wisely, you can achieve airy volume and natural waves without much effort. Don’t forget an easy way to get a cooler hairstyle at home than in any beauty salon!

How to Create a Fashionable Hairstyle with Stunning Volume at Home:

  • wash and dry your hair as usual;

  • Before styling, apply a heat protectant spray to your hair;
  • start curling your hair from the fringe area with a wide curling iron (ideally 32 mm), separating fairly large strands to do this;
  • when removing your hair from the curling iron, do not forget to pin it with hairpins to make the styling more voluminous;
  • Curl the lower strands away from the face;
  • remove hairpins and apply hair powder to the roots, which will help the volume last for several days;
  • Spray your hair with hairspray, fluff it with your fingers and style it to the desired side: voila!
  • Source: The Voice Mag

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