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Happy Birthday Kylie Jenner: 25 Reality Star and Businesswoman Beauty Secrets

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one. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is drink a cup of bone broth with lavender and lemon. Or I make fresh from celery, in my refrigerator a whole shelf is reserved for it. Traditionally: one glass half an hour before meals.

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2. For lunch I prefer a variety of dishes, I rarely repeat the menu during the week. But there are favorites – for example, chicken baked with lemon, vegetables, sometimes tacos. I love salads, tuna sandwiches.

3. To cheer up, I can afford a cheat meal – fast food from the In-N-Out cafe. I ate there at least once a week during my first pregnancy, which was a problem. As for a healthy snack, I like pomegranate seeds, I can eat a few apple slices before bed.

four. I have never been attracted to the gym, I prefer to work out at home on the mat, using online lessons. Most often I shake the press, do lunges and squats. The perfect program for me.

5. I remember the moment when I started to dye my hair blue and cut my hair shorter, and then everyone around me began to repeat after me. It was then that I realized what an impact I have on the public. I must have been 16 years old.

6. I never thought that I would one day work in the beauty industry. I’ve always liked makeup though. Since childhood, I watched online lessons, took my mother’s cosmetics and tried to make up myself. Was just obsessed with lipstick.

7. The beauty routine in my life started with a facial cleanser. A typical teenage stage when the skin needed a good cleansing. My mother (Kris Jenner – Ed.) helped me navigate the variety of products: she knew exactly what products to buy, having gone through this many times with my older sisters.

eight. Now I have enough foam Kylie Skin Foaming Face Wash – literally one press is enough. This is where my departure begins. It cleanses well but does not dry out the skin. I try not to dry my face, after washing I go over it with light cottons.

9. After cleansing, I apply a facial scrub with walnuts. I like to use it two to three times a week. Then there is Kylie Skin Vanilla Milk Toner, which is ideal for removing make-up residue and preparing the skin for serum application. I prefer a product with vitamin C, it helps to brighten the complexion.

ten. Healthy skin definitely increases self-confidence. When choosing care, I pay attention to ultra-moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, squalane, shea butter, vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate.

eleven. Kylie Skin Face Moisturizer is the foundation of my makeup. I also use it when I just want to leave the house without make-up… I also use Mimosa Blossom Dream Cream, an all natural moisturizer. I have sensitive and very dry skin, so many products can cause irritation.

12. In the morning I like to do a quick facial massage while applying skin care products. This stimulates blood flow and gives the face a glow. I apply a detox mask once a week.

13. Even when I was very young, my sisters taught me how to use eye cream. It’s never too early to start, it’s good prevention. When I began to produce cosmetics myself, I specially developed a product with a convenient tip so that I did not have to apply the cream with my fingers. This makes life very easy.

fourteen. No one has perfect skin, and it’s completely normal and natural to struggle with breakouts from time to time, especially after parties or while traveling. When my skin is stressed, I use the Clarifying Collection. The line has a gel serum containing witch hazel, salicylic acid and tea tree oil that eliminates unwanted surprises.

fifteen. The best skincare advice I have ever received is sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen! On the face and body. But my sister Chloe once advised me to apply SPF on my hands as well. I listened, because Chloe has the youngest, softest hands. They look better than mine!

16. Before going to bed, I repeat the entire morning beauty routine. But I add a moisturizing face mask to my care when I feel that the skin needs additional nutrition. After showering, I always use coconut body lotion, it helps to retain moisture.

17. We have a family dermatologist – Christy Kidd from Beverly Hills. My sister Kendall had acne when she was younger and Christie really helped her get rid of it. I thought, “Well, if she cured Kendall, I should sign up with her too.”

eighteen. When I did lip augmentation, I did it with Dr. Simon Uryan. He is the best, his work looks very natural. My experience with other doctors left much to be desired, the result looked just crazy. I would recommend anyone looking to enhance their lips to switch to a filler that lasts two to four months. You always have the option to either continue the procedure or stop.

19. People think that I went under the surgeon’s knife and completely redid my face, which is completely untrue. They do not understand what the right hairstyle, makeup and fillers can do to a person.

twenty. If I’m going to a meeting, I never put on flashy makeup. I do not like it. When you see flashy photos on my social media pages, they’re usually taken for commercial shoots or magazine interviews.

21. If I put on a highlighter, I usually don’t skimp. Sometimes I like a shiny make-up, like in the strobing technique. Cool highlighter from Anastasia Beverly Hills, I like the golden shade. I also use Marc Jacobs Fantasy Dew Drops. Kylie Cosmetics has Kylighter in Queen Drip. I distribute it in the center of the nose and a little above the lip.

22. Applying a setting spray makes makeup look better. You sort of saturate it, but at first it may seem that you have smeared everything. Don’t be alarmed – the spray dries up, and the face looks much more spectacular.

23. There are times when I am under a lot of stress. I take a week off and spend more time with the kids. I like to lie in bed, watch movies and forget about everything in the world. Or, when I feel down, I go on a trip.

24. When my son was born, the postpartum period was not easy. This experience turned out to be more difficult than with a daughter. But over time, I realized that it’s okay not to be okay. Women should stop putting pressure on themselves in order to quickly return to a normal life physically and mentally. When I let go of the situation, I felt that I was getting better every day.

25. In our hectic world, you need to learn how to switch off and find time for yourself. Beauty rituals are one way to distract and relax. It is important to be in harmony with yourself, not to feel obligated to meet someone else’s expectations.

Kylie Jenner with daughter Stormi

Source: Hellomagazine

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