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Sagittarius – fluorescent arrows, Pisces – “kissed” lips: choose your perfect makeup according to your zodiac sign

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Want to experiment with makeup, but get lost in the variety of trends and ideas? So why not try to reconcile with a guide to your zodiac sign. Chances are you really like the end result, even if you don’t trust horoscopes very much!

If you don’t believe in horoscopes, that’s fine. Even then, just for the sake of interest, we suggest you have fun and try your makeup according to your zodiac sign. Honestly, we’re plotting a prank, and only a prank!

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Aries – shine

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The enterprising, self-confident, resolute and energetic Aries literally burns with the fire of bright passion. Try a make-up that captivates at first sight – a warm, plastic golden shade, as if melted in the sun, eye shadows will make you a star.

Taurus is a timeless classic

Reliable, practical, affectionate and unwavering, Taurus prefers timeless style. A minimalist combination of this eye makeup with classic lipstick looks cool and never goes out of style.

Gemini – look into your eyes!

Affectionate, curious, intelligent, and fun-loving, Geminis are more likely to experiment with creative makeup. That’s why they won’t be limited by what’s in their makeup bag and will always look for inspiration elsewhere. This casual look with gemstones in the eyes is a great example.

Cancer – warmth and tenderness

Understanding, empathetic, loyal, and intuitive, Cancerians are thoughtful “girls next door.” This casual look in peach tones is gorgeous, approachable, and simply flawless. Bronze, copper, and rose gold also always work with a bang.

Leo – fiery glamor

Charismatic, interesting, self-confident and proud – each representative of this sign has a fierce lioness hidden inside, which means that a sultry and glamorous look is a great way out. Color your eyelashes by pulling them outwards to give them a more feline shape, trim your eyebrows and use gloss to highlight your lips.

Virgo – perfect arrows

Organized, attentive and meticulous, Virgos will suit makeup as “smooth” as their personality. A carelessly applied eyeliner or cheeky eyebrows will definitely not work! But smooth, flawless arrows are the best option.

Libra – clap and fly

Charming, outgoing, diplomatic and tactful, Libras are naturally attractive. They seek balance and prefer something romantic. For example, accentuate dark red lips and fluffy eyelashes.

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Scorpion – mild smoky

Outwardly restrained, inwardly emotional, determined and strong, Scorpio is both strong and gentle. Look and repeat: graphic eyeliner is softened by a misty cloud of blue shadows. Sexy, but not sexy.

Sagittarius – more neon!

Entrepreneurial, fun, smart, and a bit reckless, Sagittarians set trends, don’t follow them. Representatives of this sign often try new colors and shapes. An example is this stylish neon.

Capricorn – only practical

Determined, loyal and independent, Capricorns like to consider all options before making a decision. They are unlikely to stop at anything too extravagant. Light mist on the eyes, nude lips are a classic that always looks stylish. Works – don’t touch!

Aquarius – fight without rules

Original, creative, insightful and intelligent, Aquarians are mavericks. The same goes for their makeup: they choose colors, textures and shapes that match their mood. If it’s lemon yellow this summer, why not?

Fish – fresh and fresh

Compassionate, generous, and intuitive Pisces suit softer makeup — no harsh lines. A delicate color palette, a drop of blush and the kissed lips effect – it’s just awesome!

Source: The Voice Mag

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