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3 irreplaceable tips for eyebrow correction at home: they will save you time and money

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Do you dream of performing an eyebrow correction no worse than the professionals of beauty institutes? So remember these 3 simple tricks with which you can easily tame your unruly hair.

Are you afraid to adjust your eyebrows yourself, so as not to turn them into long out of fashion “threads”? Maybe you should give yourself another chance. Remember the golden trio of simple tricks with which you will finally master the art of eyebrow architecture.

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Treat skin and tweezers with antiseptic

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Before each home correction, remember to disinfect the treatment area and the instrument itself. To do this, apply chlorhexidine or any other antiseptic to a cotton ball and wipe your eyebrows and tweezers with it. This way you will reduce the risk of inflammation in the eyebrow area after the correction – we just don’t need red spots or ugly pimples!

Draw a shape before waxing

To make the shape of the eyebrows neat and beautiful, create a stencil for yourself just before the correction begins. You can decorate the arches with a pencil or a special fondant. Don’t be stingy with spending a lot of time drawing, as this is a guarantee that you won’t remove too much hair and achieve the desired result.

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Don’t lighten your eyebrows

If you have thick, dark eyebrows, don’t rush to lighten them: this way you will only dry out the hairs and make them less obedient. Better to thin out. How? Comb your eyebrows with a brush and use tweezers to remove the longest, most stubborn hairs. But do not accelerate in the turns: make corrections slowly so as not to remove too much by mistake. As a result, the eyebrows will lighten a few tones and, in addition, will become light and voluminous.

Photo: Natalia Klenova/Unsplash

Source: The Voice Mag

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