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Public-talk with Andrey Malakhov took place at RIVE GAUCHE


Following the current agenda, RIVE GAUCHE “Tsvetnoy” held a discussion “The Real Russian Brands” with the founders of Russian cosmetic and perfume brands. The meeting was moderated by Andrey Malakhov. Bright market players took part in the discussion: Natalia Rakoch, founder of the Russian Beauty Guru brand; Kristina Suderevskaya and Dmitry Serov – founders of the brand “Krasnopolyanskaya cosmetics”; Elena Vlasova is the Head of Marketing and Development of Private Labels at RIVE GAUCHE, as well as Konstantin Shilyaev and Yaroslav Simonov, the founders of the Russian perfume brand Fakoshima.

Andrey Malakhov, Edgar Shabanov (Rive Gauche)
Panellists RIVE GAUCHE
Vladimir Pomukchinsky (HELLO!), Edgar Shabanov (Rive Gauche), Andrey Malakhov

How and from what the current beauty market in Russia is built – the participants in the discussion tried to answer this question. Andrey Malakhov discussed with the guests the main difficulties faced in the current conditions, talked about solutions, as well as the prospects for the formation and development of Russian brands. The readiness of their support was expressed by the President of the group of companies RIVE GAUCHE Edgar Shabanov.

Edgar Shabanov, Andrey Malakhov
Denis Kartashev
Natalia Rakoch (Russian Beauty Guru), Elena Vlasova (Rive Gauche)
Catherine Keyru

Source: Hellomagazine

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