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5 emerging Brazilian artists to watch in 2024

We have selected some artists who will surely appear in this new year’s playlists

2024 is approaching, and around here, we’re keeping our ears open to artists who are gradually gaining prominence on social media. On TikTok, several names are gaining more and more attention.

There’s no shortage of options for finding new artists on major digital platforms. With this in mind, the Celebrities and celebrities you’ve selected five artists that will remain on your radar in 2024. Let’s go!

Agnes Nunes

One of the great highlights of Brazilian music today, Agnes Nunes moves between musical genres such as MPB, forró and blues. The artist is inspired by names such as Aretha Franklin, Elza Soares, Nina Simone, Jorge Ben, Queen and Mayra Andrade. Self-taught, at the age of 12 Agnes received a keyboard from her mother and she taught herself to play and sing. At the age of 14 she started posting videos on the Internet and, in a short time, she attracted the attention of names like Caetano Veloso, Lázaro Ramos and other artists who shared their music.

Perfect for anyone who is a fan of… Ana Gabriela and Duda Beat.


Known on cinema screens as the character “Cecília”, co-star of the musical comedy “Ana e Vitória” (2018), her voice was also not left out of the spotlight during the duets. Clarissa began to dedicate herself to her musical career in 2021, with the release of her first EP “Clarissa”, revealing her indie pop style, and subsequently marked the year with the single “nada contra (jealousy)”, announced as “Hit of the Year” at the TikTok Awards, and which has already accumulated more than 30 million plays on Spotify.

Perfect for anyone who is a fan of… Elana Dara, Manu Gavassi and Day Limns.

Luca Pretti

The artist is one of the biggest bets in Brazilian pop music, he has a three-year career, two EPs, original singles and has participated in opening shows like Lagum, Vitão and MTK. He also has a successful authorial project under his belt, the Sessions on the skywho had holdings such as Clarissa, Carol Biazin, Any Gabrielly, João Figueiredoamong others.

Perfect for those who are a fan of… Mariana Nolasco, Luísa Sonza and Jão.


With only five years of career, Rebecca’s strength is impressive. At 24 years old she is one of the most expressive singers of the Brazilian funk pop scene. On her CV, the artist has hits such as “Barbie”, “Ao Som do 150”, “Repara” and “Tô Preocupada (Calma Amiga)”, which together have more than 80 million plays on Spotify.

Perfect for anyone who is a fan of… Pocah, Danny Bond and Lia Clark.


At 20 years old, singer Tilia is establishing herself in the national funk pop scene. Since 2021, when she began her singing career, she has demonstrated her artistic and powerful DNA. After all, she is the daughter of none other than Dennis DJ.

Perfect for those who are a fan of… Lara Silva, Rebacca and MC Livinho.

Source: Terra

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