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BBB 23: The retreat button turns green for the first time and Fred scares the brothers

The influencer simulated the noise of the withdraw button when it was pressed and scared Paula and Bruno, who were watching the area

The exit button Big Brother Brazil 23 it turned red for the first time this Thursday 2. The first to report it was Marvvila, while he was in the kitchen with other brothers.

“Look over there, it’s green to surrender,” she says as she walks into the living room. Sarah follows her, and jokes with Fred and Larissa: ‘You don’t feel like it, do you? Just to do a little test. You can”.

Fred points out that the button should always be green, “not because someone presses it, but because it’s cute. Then, Bruno and Paula approach and Fred simulates the sound of the button being pressed, and the two get scared. “You want to kill me, don’t you?” says Bruno, and everyone laughs at the scene.

The influencer still jokes with Paula: “Open it just to clean it, man. There is some dust there, just to clean it a bit”. Marvvila accompanied him on the ‘trolling’, saying it was to ‘clean the house’. She “she She already has the broom in her hand, she takes a rag and passes it over the red button, just to remove the dust”.

Source: Terra

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