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Gal Costa’s ex-producer calls Wilma a “thief” and claims the singer had jewelry

In an interview with Fantástico, the woman stated that they were “borrowed”, which Gabriel Fischmann denies


Gal Costa’s former producer Gabriel Fischmann has accused Wilma Petrillo of lying about the singer’s heritage.

The former producer of Gal Costa, Gabriel Fischmann, took to social media to deny Wilma Petrillo’s claims about the singer’s fortune. According to him, Gal, who died in November 2022, owned jewelry and even accompanied her to buy some of her own.

“I will deny Wilma’s lie that there are no jewels, they were all ‘borrowed’. She will prove that she has jewels in her possession and that they belong to Gabriel, her only legitimate heir,” she wrote.

The former producer’s statements are in response to an interview made by Wilma to Globo’s Fantástico, where she stated that Gal Costa’s inheritance was small and that the jewels had been borrowed. “The jewels that Gal had, which you see in the photos, are jewels that I borrowed, as everyone does in New York and in the United States,” she said.

In the publications on the night of Thursday 9th, Gabriele denies it and defines her as a “thief”. “I [a] I went to the Cartier store in Iguatemi – SP, which was able to confirm the cleanliness of the Cartier Tank Americaine Ouro Branco watch,” he says.

“I have not yet published posts about the jewelry of Tiffany and Co, Lenny Niemeyer, Jack Vartanian, especially about the collections presented by his friend, the jeweler Antonio Bernardo, who can testify to this.[..] With only 4 watches on it, the theory that “There are no jewels” is outdated. R$ 655 thousand just in these two post photos! Thief, thief, lying scoundrel,” Gabriel wrote.

Along with the accusations, he also posted photos of the singer wearing the aforementioned items. In another publication you stated that you will continue to publish the jewels that belonged to Gal Costa and also invited the jeweler Antonio Bernardo to speak.

OR Earth We attempted to contact Antonio Bernardo to confirm the information shared by Fischmann, but were unable to locate his advisor.

The reporting team also sought Wilma’s defense, but we received no response. Now to the newspaper “La Folha de São Paulo”, Petrillo’s representatives stated that “whoever accuses so seriously must prove it.” “We wait for him to prove all the accusations they have made, under penalty of civil and criminal liability for this,” they said.

She and Gal’s son, Gabriel Burgos, are fighting in court over the singer’s estate. The boy requests the exhumation of Gal’s body, as well as demanding answers on the location of all of Gal’s assets and the cancellation of the recognition of the stable union.

Source: Terra

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