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Erika Buenfil’s son finally poses with his father Ernesto Zedillo Jr and his half-sister: the actress reacts

Nicolás, son of Erika Buenfil, He surprised his social media followers by sharing for the first time photos with his father, Ernesto Zedillo Jr., and half-sister, Isabella.

The youngster who plans to follow his famous mother’s footsteps into acting, posted some pictures on his official Instagram account.

In the photos he poses with Isabella, the older of the two daughters Ernesto Zedillo Jr had with Rebeca Sáenz. The post’s description is simply “Lil, sis,” and her mother, Erika Buenfil, responded with a heart emoji.

In 2022, during an interview with Isabel Lascurain, the actress revealed that her son and her ex’s daughter had met online without knowing they were siblings.

“The brothers met. The girl knew who Nicholas was, but Nicholas had no idea. Then they start communicating, playing, it gave me a lot of emotion because he starts telling his friends who were online “we’re playing with my sister!”. My heart was going out and I think they are getting along really well and that makes me so happy because he is not alone. Thanks to Ernesto for allowing it,” revealed the actress.

Erika Buenfil’s son shows off photos with his father

On May 19, Nicolás Buenfil shared photos on Instagram stories in which, for the first time, he appears with his father.

In the images, they are seen living together at what appears to be a barbecue, although there is no text to indicate the context behind the posts.

In a second photo, Nicolás Buenfil is seen showing something on his phone to his father, Ernesto Zedillo Jr.

Despite the lack of support and recognition from Ernesto Zedillo Jr., son of the former Mexican president, Erika Buenfil was honest with her son about who his father was.

Nicolás Buenfil shared in an interview with Who magazine in September 2022 that he held no grudge against his father despite the years of separation.

The first meeting with his father was shocking for him. Although they had no contact during their childhood, Ernesto used to send her gifts on her birthday.

Now that he knows him, Nicolás claims that they look alike physically and even make the same facial expressions. Despite his father’s absence, Nicholas has always felt loved by his mother and holds no grudges against his father, whom he describes as “a great man”.

“I always felt very loved by my mother, I never missed anything, she helped me with everything and now that I’m dating my dad it’s really good, I like it, it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t before. “I’ve already forgiven him, I don’t hold a grudge against him,” she shared.

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Erika Buenfil reveals son Nicolás finally met his father: ‘It was like he was shaken’

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