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Adele cries when she sees a widowed man paying his respects to his wife at a concert

The singer was thrilled when she saw an elderly man holding a cell phone with his wife’s photo on it

Singer Adele she cried when she said she found an elderly widower who honored the woman during hers show. The artist’s story took place during a presentation in Las Vegas, in the United States.

He remembers it when he sings the song Someone like You, always hear stories from the audience. “When I walk through crowds, I wish you could see what I can see. Because I know I talk to some people every night, but then I see little stories of people that happen,” Adele explained.

After walking past the man, who appears in the video with his cell phone, she relates what she saw when she arrived on stage. “There was a man holding the phone. I think it’s his wife on the phone, and I don’t think she’s here, and that really touched me. I’m so sorry for your loss, and I didn’t realize what I was they were showing until I got here.” Adele pointed out.


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Someone like you – Adele

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