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One look, three trends: Ariana Grande shows how to wear a little black dress in summer 2022

The singer has come a long way from a teenage actress on a Nickelodeon sitcom to a world-class star – wow! We remember how, barely breaking away from her career in a television show, Ariana completely changed her image: she preferred daring mini skirts in the spirit of the 80s to puffy tutu skirts, stylish and elegant shopping at a rainbow wardrobe. One of them we will talk about today.

If anything in the fashion world is eternal, it’s the constant demand for little black dresses. It is unlikely that the great Coco realized that with her cult novelty she was providing work for the industry for decades to come. Donatella Versace, Princess Diana, Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron, Grace Kelly – all self-respecting style icons have already shown their own variation of the little black dress. With a bandage and belts in the style of Versace, with gloves, like Audrey Hepburn – there are so many options for the legendary outfit that it is worth writing separate encyclopedias about it (there are has by the way).

And this is the main paradox of Chanel’s idea: in a concise image there are thousands of combinations at the same time, which, thanks to small details, look completely different.

Ariana Grande has also showcased her take on the timeless classic, more than once. The star’s love of black is an axiom for her fans, as is the singer’s passion for thigh-high boots. It’s scary to imagine how many dramatic mini dresses and platform boots with a long shaft are in her wardrobe, but Grande clearly knows a lot about them. One of our favorite looks of her is in a doll dress and stocking boots, in which she dances masterfully to God Is A Woman. But this is not a new story, and now we can’t file Ahri’s new entry.

At first glance, nothing unusual: a fitted silhouette, strands released in Grande’s signature style, an oblique shoulder line and Bratz shoes that are trending this season. But in fact, this outfit contains almost all the summer trends that we have prepared for you recently. First of all, asymmetry is once again breaking popularity records and taking over the windows of boutiques and mass-market stores. Secondly, feathers and beads are again as relevant as ever, and Ariana uses sparkling beads as a neat decoration – the highlight of the image. Thirdly, the “tail” on the skirts is another cool summer trend, thanks to which the legs visually become longer,

Fourth, the same famous platform, the discussions of which are not silent. No matter how hostile some fashionistas took it, but stars wear these Versace or Valentino shoes without taking them off. Fifth, it’s not just shoes, but Mary Jane, another model that’s come back from the 90s and awash in glossy magazines. See how many trends you can find in this seemingly simple little black dress look – never underestimate it!

Source: The Voice Mag

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