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Teen Fashion in Sizeer. Get to know the most popular brands, from Converse to Nike or adidas!

Sneakers Expert – Converse

Is it possible to create an original shoe model, despite numerous competitions, which, even after many years after its premiere, will continue to enjoy huge fan interest, comfort and a large group of successors? The history of the Converse brand, whose range is already waiting for you in our brick-and-mortar stores and online store, proves to you that it definitely is!

It all started in 1908, when a Marquis Mills Converse decided to start his own shoe company with the proud-sounding name Converse Rubber Shoe Company, whose task was to produce durable and precisely made shoes with textile uppers and rubber soles to meet the needs of children, women and men.

However, the first model with the Converse logo became … basketball shoes, which were once and for all solved the problem of ill-fitting shoes with crumbling soles, which really made it difficult to demonstrate the abilities of players on the courts. Months of hard work eventually brought the desired result – the above-mentioned sneakers with a characteristic rubber tip, which was to protect the fingers from possible impending injuries, which attracted the attention of not only amateur players but also professionals, including one of the best basketball players at the time – Charles “Chuck” Taylor. The player turned to the brand with comments on improvements to the sale of this model, and so began his many years of cooperation with the brand, which resulted in the creation of a series of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star crap, which is still one of the most famous and most selected products of this American producer.

However, this is not the only product we can find in Converse’s offer – over time, the brand has decided to significantly expand the types of products offered, and for many years women’s crop tops, caps, winter beanie hats, backpacks, kidneys, as well as sneakers and sneakers in both classic, one-color versions, as well as those decorated with colorful motifs, such as graphic artist Keith Haring – a New York legend whose work was praised by the Pop King himself. art – Andy Warhol.

Brand, who was born out of a love of skateboarding – Vans

Vans is a brand that will surely appeal to all lovers of skateboarding, BMX or scooters who would never like to leave their adored skate park, and which comes directly from sunny California. If you don’t know its history yet, let us fix it.

Brand, whose black model of low sneakers decorated on the sides with a white jazz stripe won the hearts of customers from almost every continent, was created on March 16, 1966, when Paul Van Doren, along with his brother and a pair of friends (Jim Van Doren, Gordy Lee and Serge D Eliem) has finally decided to fulfill his long – held dream of opening his own shoe store. Although he initially sold exclusively distributed models, all the co-owners gradually came to the conclusion that it was high time to design their own shoes, so sneakers (specifically the iconic Vans Authentic model) were sold at an increasingly popular Anaheim store. ) directly from the production line, which fell into the note especially for surfers and skaters.

The enormous success (and, of course, fame) that the Van Doren Rubber Company shoe factory could boast at a lightning pace was undoubtedly contributed by revolutionary authoring solutions that were used to make sneakers and that you would hardly find in the large competition at the time. One of them was a sole made of vulcanized rubber resistant to destruction, which was not harmed by even the most intense wear, and thanks to that Vans shoes won the hearts of almost all skateboarders. The characteristic low-profile sneakers with a brown, waffled pattern have fallen in love with the whole world and the owners of the company have invited the king of skateboarding to cooperate – Tony Alva and Stacy Peraltwho have since been responsible for the Vans Era series created in 1976.

The collaboration turned out to be a great idea, and gradually the popular slip-on shoes and Vans Old Skool gradually joined the lacing models, whose fame also quickly reached the ears and eyes of everyone who had little to do with the skateboard. Current models with the Vans logo are of interest all over the world, and a diverse collection of sneakers with low and high uppers is joined by a collection of clothing for women, men and juniors of virtually any age, as evidenced by the fact that black and white sneakers Vans Old Skool they sell widely, despite numerous competing models that are equally attractive.

Old, sports-streetwear grease nipple – Nike

Is your junior’s wardrobe / closet lacking comfortable sportswear that could successfully create a base or a stylish icing on the cake of street style outfits? In that case, it was high time to give one of the most famous American sportswear and footwear manufacturers in the world, Nike, of course.

Brand founded in Oregon in 1964 by Phil Knight – A lover and active, professional athlete and his coach Bill Bowerman, it initially had a very long name: Blue Ribbon Sports. She was mainly involved in the distribution of sports shoes from the then award-winning Japanese producer Onitsuka Tiger (now known as Asics), which our heroes sold from … the trunk of a car. Although the beginnings were not the easiest, the history of BRS could certainly serve as an example of a real American dream, because in the first year of its existence the company sold 1,300 pairs of shoes and a year later achieved a profit of more than 20 thousand USD, which was a lot at the time. This allowed Phil and Bill to open their first store, which was then located in Santa Monica.

As is well known, the saying that “nothing lasts forever” often becomes a reality in life, and so it was in this case. In 1971, the cooperation with the Onitsuka company was terminated, and in the same year the first line of shoes with the proudly sounding name Swoosh appeared on the shelves, which were decorated with all the well-known symbols to this day. This line of sports shoes impressed all fans of an active lifestyle, making it a great springboard for the brand, which was reflected in the rebranding in 1978 – the Blue Ribbon Sports company changed to Nike, whose slogan “Just Do It . ” and an impressive collection of diverse models have caused awareness of this very interesting player in the sports and streetwear market to spread very quickly around the world.

Innovative solutions, interesting design, comfort and hitherto unseen constructions that showed (and continue to show) such iconic sneaker models as the Air Force 1-inspired Notre Dame Cathedral, which for the first time were equipped with a cushioning air cushion, the popular Forrest Gump shoes – Nike Cortez, or the distinctive high-heeled shoes of the Nike Blazer, are responsible for the fact that the Nike brand’s reputation is still gaining strength and that some of its shoe and clothing models are selling out at a truly expressive pace. A perfect example here are kicks, which are slowly considered a mandatory model in the collection of every venerable sneakerhead – Air Jordan 1, ie sneakers from the series with the name of NBA legend Michael Jordan, who won the Chicago Bulls five times. The undoubted advantage of the models with the Swoosh logo is the fact that they can be used perfectly in everyday outfits as well as an element of training clothing, mainly thanks to high-quality materials, fashionable cuts and original design.

The German giant that the whole world has fallen in love with – adidas

Of course, adidas, a manufacturer of sportswear, footwear and accessories that boasts a turbulent history of more than 97 years, could not be missing among the brands for teenagers. Although it may seem very surprising to many, this is a brand that has collaborated with Pharell Williams and Kany West, among others, and which was not born at all in the USA, but in … Germany! It was with our neighbors in 1924 that two brothers: Adolf and Rudolf Dassler founded their own company for the production of shoes for soldiers and later also for American and German athletes who were to take part in the Summer Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936.

Unfortunately, despite a number of successes, it quickly became clear to this company that combining professional and personal life was not always a good idea, which resulted in disputes based on different visions of the company’s future. Quarrels also began to affect internal family relationships, so in 1948 the company Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik split into two independent companies: Adi’s adidas and Rudolf’s brand Ruda, which over time changed its name to the well-known … Puma! Although it may seem very surprising to some, the facts are that the two most famous sports brands had exactly the same beginning, but we must objectively admit that both companies can boast a really interesting, high-quality range, whether it is sneakers and shoes designed exclusively to various sports, or clothing collections, which are often the fault of well-known designers (eg adidas by Stella McCartney collection) or legendary representatives of the music world (cooperation of the brand with the tragically deceased rapper Nipsey Hussl – The Marathon Clothing collection).

What pieces are available in the assortment with the iconic logo in the form of three stripes or a trefoil – or the adidas Trefoil logo? We have to admit that the adidas collection for teenagers that is currently in Sizeer located is really diverse! Among the prepared models are, among others, the legendary adidas Superstar sneakers with a characteristic shell-shaped rubber tip, light Ninja ZX 2K Boost J low-profile kicks, which were created in collaboration with a popular computer player, adidas Forum Low basketball kicks, which enjoy what more popularity, as well as sweatpants, leggings, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sports dresses and accessories, which will work not only when training your favorite sport or weekend bike ride, but also find their use as functional and fashion accessories for your everyday styles.

What else have we prepared for you at Sizeer? See the full range of brands such as Alpha Industries, DC, Etnies, Fila, Jordan, Lacoste, Levi’s, New Balance, New Era, O’Neill and many more hot manufacturers.

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