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Makes a shape where none exists: Why bloggers love, hate and buy Kim Kardashian’s ‘viral’ dress

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Celebrity brands aren’t always known for great products: to be honest, sometimes cosmetics with celebrity initials are grossly overrated, and clothes from fashion lines don’t survive the first season. But this time, it looks like the “virality” is justified: Kim Kardashian really pulled out a social media legend dress.

We’ve been saying it for a long time: Kimberly has not only become one of the most famous businesswomen in the world, she has a flair for trends! Of course, she didn’t manage to pull out super popular ideas immediately, but it’s impossible to deny that her SKIMS brand has been hitting the lingerie market (and not only) for many years. The success of her mythical “nude” Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress is worth something on its own: it blew up social networks last year and still keeps bloggers energized. Influencers argue over whether the purchase is worth it ($78 – 4700 rubles) and why this simple outfit is such a delight. We understand the clothing phenomenon: and he is, like a king in a fairy tale, “naked”!

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Kim Kardashian used her favorite trick here: maximum body fit, complemented by dense fabric that has a slightly sculpting effect. Let’s not forget that SKIMS is a shapewear, so the technology came in handy. Of course, this dress cannot completely change the figure, but it is quite possible to tighten the shape and visually hide a certain volume.

Due to the wide, but not deep neckline, an hourglass effect appears: since there is no cut on the hem of the dress, the hips are a little “restrained” by the fabric, this is why they acquire soft and rounded lines. Typical Kim feature! By the way, have you noticed how bloggers are photographed in this dress? Slightly go over the leg to further narrow the bottom and get an hourglass shape. Life hack!

So it turns out that a minimalist design, thanks to a good dense fabric with a well-thought-out composition, tightens your figure, forming a feminine figure, but at the same time remains boldly sexy, not vulgar. The secret is in the material that does not shine – this, as you know, immediately depreciates the image. The dress stretches well, but the size grid is still quite large – from XXS to 3X.

This doesn’t appear to be a dress, but a find – so what’s the deal? And the fact that Kim lost sight of one more detail: the dresses turned out to be incredibly long! If it is not so visible in the photos, then the little girls record videos in which they complain, they say, the whole village is fine, but the hem looks like a mermaid’s tail. And this almost takes into account the smallest size.

The “nude” look is meant to be worn with high heels or wedges, although it’s becoming more common for influencers to wear the dress with regular sneakers. And at the same time they accidentally sweep the floor – it’s annoying! Thus, bloggers under 160 centimeters have been complaining for a year that the miracle novelty does not suit them, but they want to test it. Tricks are used to tuck the dress in and hem the hem – what won’t you do to walk almost the most popular dress in recent seasons?

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Source: The Voice Mag

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