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Innovative gene therapy makes a deaf girl hear for the first time

An ear transfusion changed the life of a child born deaf in just over a year; find out how it happened

Some people reading this article may think that what has been accomplished is a miracle, based on science. It turns out that a deaf girl just over a year old began to hear when she was just over a year old. Understand more:

The deaf girl hears for the first time

Before turning one year old, OpalSandy he received a treatment, such as an infusion in the ear, that made it possible to hear soft sounds and loud sounds a week later. From then on she began to speak simple words. In short, the therapy is effective because it replaces the defective DNA that causes hereditary deafness.

Six months later, the doctors who carried out the research reported that he had virtually normal hearing for soft sounds. “It’s wonderful to see her respond to sound. What I hope is that we can start using gene therapy in young children… where we can actually restore their hearing and they don’t need cochlear implants and other technologies that need to be replaced.”the hearing surgeon said Manohar Bancethe lead investigator of the clinical trial, in an interview with BBC news.


Furthermore, Sandy’s sister also has the same type of deafness, but the treatment used was a cochlear implant. This object really gives the sensation of listening. “The implant directly stimulates the auditory nerve that communicates with the brain, bypassing damaged, sound-sensitive hair cells in a part of the inner ear known as the cochlea.”as BBC News states.

Reach more people

The goal now is to reach more people, according to Bance: “The sooner we can restore hearing, the better for all children, because the brain begins to reduce its plasticity [adaptabilidade] after about three years”.

Source: Terra

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